Custom framing is not a one-size-fits-all process. Great results start with consideration of essential elements, including your preference, the interior design space, and the photo itself.

The process of buying a photo frame also involves your creativity. And with the ongoing pandemic still raging, it’s great that you can buy photo frames online without any hassle.

The following are the elements that you must remember when choosing the best photo frames for your pieces:

Pay Attention to Scale

Photographs vary depending on their details and sizes. Some pictures are large while some are small. Some come with a specific solid visual detail.  One key strategy here is to match the scale of the picture, the dimension of the mat, and the visual strength with one another. It means creating a good balance to the overall display.

If you have simple and delicate photos, choose frames that do not overwhelm the pieces. For this, do not use frames that are too large or too dark. On the other hand, if you have strong and bold pieces, opt for wide mats and strong photo frames as well. You do not want to have a weak and thin frame construction for these kinds of photos.

Consider Frame Patterns and Textures

Different textures and grains of wood have an impact on the overall appearance of the photo frames you buy online. For example, oak frames are suitable for outdoor and casual photos. Also, there are various mats textures that can either create a subtle or striking connection between the frame and the picture.

Since it is custom framing, you can use the same patterns in your photos in the frame design to create an amazing effect. For example, if your picture includes a conspicuous element in an architectural building, using a similar pattern in the frame will give a sense of unity.

Choose the Right Frame Styles

A modern piece would not fit well in a room that has a lot of vintage furniture and antique portraits. Likewise, a metal frame would not do a dainty and feminine image justice. The overall feel, together with the historic period of your photograph determine the appropriate frame for it. You may use your imagination by combining styles as long as the entire custom framing will not overpower the photo.

Pick the Best Frame Colour

The colour and design of the frame play a huge part in the end result of your piece, but its job should be to emphasize the picture and not steal the show from it. One aspect of framing design is the colour selection. Certain things have a great impact on your photograph, so make sure the surrounding colours do not overwhelm it. This includes selecting the right mat colour.

A mat provides your picture visual space, which is a crucial element in custom framing. Keep in mind that the colour of the mat does the opposite of what you may want it to do. For example, a light-coloured mat will not make a dark image lighter, but rather intensifies it. Also, a dark mat tends to overwhelm a light picture. Whether black, white or other bold colours, choose the one that will complement your piece.

In case you can’t visit a frame store, you can always buy photo frames online, still bringing all these vital elements together. You will want a custom framing that will make your photos stand out from a room and get the positive compliments from other people. Above all, you want photo frames that can give you many years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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