Vincent Kotchounian was born in 1977 in Los Angeles, California to Ray Charles and Arlette Kotchounian. His parents are well known for their music, which makes the case why Vincent has gained public attention.

Personal Life

Information about Vincent Kotchounian has been kept away from the wider public despite his parents’ fame. Therefore, there is not much to say about his personal life.

Records show that Vincent has in the past gotten into trouble with the authorities for breaking simple laws. From the records, we can deduce that Vincent lives most of his life in Los Angeles, where his arrest records are located.

He is known to be one of the eleven Ray Charles’ children. His father had his step siblings with nine other women apart from Vincent’s mother, Arlette Kotchounian. His stepbrothers and sisters include Ray Charles Robinson, Jr., Sheila Raye Charles, Charles Wayne Hendricks and more.

More About Vincent Kotchounian’s Parents

His father was a singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer from the United States. He favored the moniker “Brother Ray” among his friends and other artists. He was also known as “the Genius” by many of his close friends.

Charles was blinded as a child, possibly as a result of glaucoma but that did not stop him from having a successful music career. He created Soul music in 1954 by blending jazz and gospel music. In 1959, he recorded the song Georgia in my Mind, which went on to become the state’s official song.

Ray Charles has a number of albums under his belt, including The Best of Ray Charles and Love Affair. Spy Hard, The Blue Brothers, and Ballad in Blue are just a few of his credits.

Arlette Kotchounian, Vincent Kotchounian’s mother and a 76-year-old French singer-songwriter and photographer, was rarely referred to by her given name. At the outset of her career, she went by the names Arlette Avedian and Ann Grégory.

In 1963, she began her career as a vocalist by recording her first song, The People Say/You Laugh at Me. The English version of The Sun Died, which became one of the best songs in the late Ray Charles’ repertoire, was written and composed by Ann Grégory. She also wrote songs for musicians such as Eddy Louis, Martine Clemenceau, and others.

Education and Career

Vincent’s education had never been shared to the public by his parents. Similarly, as an adult, he chose to keep his life private and has not shared anything about his career or education.

Vincent Kotchounian’s Net Worth

Just like his private life, his net worth is not known. However, we know that his father had a successful career and made a fortune from it.

When his father died, he donated the majority of his assets to his philanthropic organization. He had an estimated wealth of $75 million at death.The children and his manager, Adams, have fought over who should control his legacy, image, and what rewards were promised to them.

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