Himalayan pink salt is more than a mere flavoring salt. It has multiple uses in different industries because of its multidimensional nature. Its unique structure and properties have made it useful for various health and wellness purposes other than seasoning meals.

In this article, we are going to share some of the most beneficial uses of Himalayan salt in daily routine to avail its maximum benefits. So let’s get started.

Edible salt

The most common use of Himalayan salt is for edible purposes. It can be used as a better alternative to regular white table salt. It contains minerals that add to its nutrition. It is unrefined and unprocessed and has a pinkish color with orange and red hues that make it an ideal finishing salt.

Sprinkle it on steaks or veggies to enhance the taste and presentation. You can use it while cooking food or can sprinkle it over different foods using plastic shakers or grinding mills. You can visit Ittefaq Salt – a Himalayan salt supplier to know more about this salt.


Who doesn’t want an instant boost of minerals? Well, the solution of Himalayan pink rock salt in water is here to give you that mineral boost. Taking this electrolyte drink early morning can make up for lost minerals through urine.

Himalayan saltwater or sole provide hydration along with minerals. Add 1 teaspoon of fine Himalayan pink salt in a glass of water and drink on empty stomach every morning and witness the good changes in your health. You can add some lemon juice to double the benefits of this drink.

Salt Cooking Block

Most of you have only seen fine grains of salt but are not aware that large blocks of salt are also available in the market that are used for cooking and grilling different foods. The large Himalayan salt cooking blocks can withstand high and low temperatures making these blocks perfect for cooking and serving hot and cold foods.

Bath salt

Want to revitalize your mind and body after a hectic day? Go and take a hot Himalayan salt bath and refresh yourself. Salt baths are the latest trend and becoming really popular due to their immense benefits. Adding Himalayan salt to the bathwater increases its effectiveness and gives you a relaxing experience. Himalayan bath salt cleanses the skin and removes all the toxins leaving your skin all clean and glowing.

For taking a spa-like bath at home, simply add 1 cup fine Himalayan pink salt, a few drops of essential oil, and some rose petals in the bathtub. Mix well and soak your body in this divine solution.

Salt Scrub

Himalayan salt benefits for the skin makes it an important ingredient in many hair and skincare products. It is an extraordinary exfoliant that deeply cleanses the skin and helps treat acne and scars. Using salt scrub can help remove the upper layer of dead skin cells and make space for new rejuvenated cells.

You can make your salt scrub at home with simple ingredients. Just take half a cup of fine Himalayan pink salt crystals, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon fresh Aloe Vera gel, and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Mix all the ingredients well to make a homogenous mixture and store in a clean and dry jar. Use this scrub once a week for good results.

Salt Lamps

Home decor trends change very fast and people always look for innovative ideas to décor their places. In recent times, one decor item that has gained immense recognition is Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps are not just beautiful but also act as air purifiers. You can get salt lamps of different shapes and sizes according to the place where you want to place them. These lamps give a very subtle warm glow that creates a serene environment.

Now after knowing all these amazing benefits and uses of Himalayan salt, you all should try one or two of these products to see how good this salt and its products are.

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My goal is to make my fellow humans aware of such natural things and help them in developing habits that can improve their everyday life as well. I’m on a mission to help people start living sustainable healthy life. Go Natural, Go Healthy!

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