A mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a soulmate, a roomie, a best friend, a mentor, a teacher, a guide, women have an endless number of roles in a person’s life. One woman single-handedly upholds all these roles and without a line on the forehead.

Such abilities and dedication deserve all the respect, love and gratitude. Women in India are given the place of goddesses, and they sure perform skills and tasks that do complete justice to this status. It is our duty and honour to celebrate this womanhood and pray for their forever well being.

If you agree to this, you will also agree they deserve some gestures from our side. For everything they do for us, it may never be enough but this festive season let’s strive to make the women of our life feel special and celebrated. Here are a few ideas for gifts for girls:

Girls Deserve Gifts

Personalized presents:

Personalized gifts are the new trend busters. personalized coffee mugs with name, Bottle lamps, printed pillows, stylish frames, wallpapers, and the list goes on. Get her something unique.

Made only once and for her. Pick her favorite picture, quote, or scenery and get it printed on any item you reckon she would prefer. And there you have your special present all ready. Also, you can order the present for her online, especially if she is a Disney fanatic, order her a Disney subscription box which is laden with surprising goodies, and the reaction you’ll get would be priceless.

A sleek perfume bottle:

The aura and presence of women are forever fragrant with their spirituality and goodness, but a little scent will only add to their beauty. Perfume for girls from the numerous reputed brands in sleek and classy glass bottles are a much-recommended gift item.

Gold Jewellery and pendants:

Wearing beautiful eye-catchy gold jewellery is women’s passion. Spending hours of choosing and finalizing the perfect gold jewellery with the perfect attire is a whole other job. Spare her the task and buy her some lovely gold jewellery items like pendants, bracelets, wooden African earrings, rings and others: multiple colours, multiple styles all that you can find and all that she can slay.

Don’t let all this effort waste by merely handing over the present. Prepare a hand made greeting card or a letter and let her know what you feel for her but can’t gather the courage to speak up. Convey all thanks and sorries, all long-hidden talks in your heart; this festive season make it extra special for the women of your life, for they deserve it and we owe it.


Women love flowers, no doubt about that fact. What’s stopping you from giving her a bouquet with lilies, roses, sunflower, orchids covered with glitter and artificial beautifying stems. The sparkle is sure to sprinkle happiness and shine in their lives.


What makes handbags a great option? Women’s obsession. Call it a fashion statement or styling women like their bags to match their attires on an almost everyday basis. It is a style statement of the modern world. When it comes to purchasing gifts for your loved one, you want to make sure that they are not only special but also unique. For the best gifts possible there has to be a level of thoughtfulness and interest behind them to show how much you care and creativity was put into them. Women’s tan handbag is the perfect present for any occasion, moreover they are convenient to carry and have a capacity to carry more than just necessities.


Just like bags, women have a soft spot for their shoes and heals as well. Working women or house makers all like their footwear to match their branded and trendy attires. The concept of OOTD is to be checked as well. It is no game styling every day and looking at their best.

Cosmetic hampers:

Women like their share of time in parlours and beauty salons. Their happy place to relax, calm and have some me-time, but what if they can have the same in the comforts of their house, sounds like a great idea. Give them a cosmetic hamper with face wash, masks, scrubs, loofa, body wash, cream, lip balm and whatnot. The variety is endless.


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