What is one of the most beautiful things about summers? Well, it is not the heat! The best part about summers is the mesmerizing, beautiful, and vibrant flowers. Flowers are one of the best creations with the power to bring positivity and brightness into your life. Fresh flowers with their aromas are one of the best fragrances to wake up to every morning.

Thus, we share the best flowers that can withstand the scorching heat of the summers. This list will help you buy flowers that will last long in the summers. Or, if you plan to grow your garden in the summers, go with these flowers as the results will be incredible.

Here is the list of flowers to grow or buy in the summers

  • Lilies

Lilies are one of the most loved flowers of all time. They are elegant flowers that can survive in scorching heat efficiently. The flower grows from a bulb, and it has a technique to prevent the loss of excess moisture by drying up the leaves but not the bulb, helping the flower live long.

Lilies are pretty and make for a beautiful piece of décor for your living room and a romantic gesture for your loved ones. Buy them in the summers or grow them, and they will last long.

  • Heirloom roses

These fragrant roses are also known as antique roses and are perfect for growing in summers. Also, it is a perfect romantic gesture for your lover as they are not your typical rose. They have been around since 1867, and if you are a stickler for tradition, you should opt for growing them instead of the modern rose.

Heirloom roses come in multiple varieties and foliage with better fragrance than the modern rose. Thus, they make for an ideal bouquet for a romantic date night. To make it more romantic, buy preserved roses in a box so that your heirloom roses last long at your partner’s place.

  • Blanket flower

The scientific name for this flower is Gaillardia. Yet, people fondly call them blanket flowers because when they grow, they spread to create a blanket around an area. Blanket flowers have red petals with golden tips, making them vibrant and beautiful to have in summers. It will be an easy effort if you grow them in your garden as they require little to less water. They even survive poor soil conditions to grow into mesmerizing flowers, making a perfect addition to your intimate dinner parties.

  • Gloriosa Daisy

Gloriosa daisy, also known commonly as black-eyed Susans, are home flowering plants. These romantic and beautiful flowers can grow in extreme heat and survive the hot weather to stay fresh for a long time. These flowers with yellow or orange petals with a black center will look perfect on the breakfast tray.

  • Nemesia

A dreamy flower with purple petals from South Africa is another romantic flower to buy/grow/present in summers. They require partial shade or full sun with moist soil. Thus, they make for a perfect summer flowering plant.

  • Musk rose

A summer bloom growing predominately in India is easy to grow anywhere in the summers. However, in India, the growing season starts in May, and these fragrant-full flowers change their color from purple-brown to dark red during full bloom. Their fragrance and look are exceptional.

  • Sweet Alyssum

These are tiny white sun-loving flowers. Individuals and garden enthusiasts use it as a landscaping edge. If you are gardening in the summers, sweet alyssum is not only romantic, but it can fill the cracks in the walkways. Another thing about these flowers is they come in multiple colors (white being dominant), like salmon, pink, purple, and yellow. Their honey-like fragrance will fill your home with a sweet and appealing fragrance.

  • Cannas

Going for the visual appeal? Cannas are ideal as nothing can beat their appeal. A perfect summer blooms with bold color flowers and gorgeous leaves; they bloom well under the sun. The regions with less sunlight will need to pick them up in the spring, preserve them in a container, and replant them. These flowers aren’t just beautiful. They are romantic as well.

With summers going in full swing, start growing these flowers in your garden and always buy these romantic flowers for your loved ones.

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