Did you know that the average flooring installation cost is $3 and $22 per square foot? The price depends on the material used and labor costs. Polished stones are one of the most popular flooring materials on the market.

Polished stones are high gloss surfaces generally used in bathrooms and kitchens. For natural-stone flooring, popular choices include marble and granite. Limestone and flagstone are also in-demand due to their durability and beauty.

Want to know how to look after polished stones the right way? Read more on polished stone maintenance here in this article.

Know More About Your Polished Stone

The first step in polished stone floor maintenance is knowing the material used. The type of stone floor allows you to choose the correct cleaning products. Ask your stone provider about the type and origin of your stone floor.

Ask if the stone is natural or not to know the porosity levels. Synthetic stone is nonporous and has high levels of durability. Natural stones tend to be more porous and allow airflow and absorption.

Knowing the stone type allows you to choose what sealers and cleaners to use. Travertine floor sealer gives protection against oil and water. Applying a sealer to the stone floor enhances the beauty and increases the sheen.

Your stone sealers can enhance the surface texture and finish. Before sealing, consider the life span of the application. Research if the stone needs treatment and sealers to avoid damaging it.

Cleaning and Polishing Supplies

The cleaning products market is worth over $220 billion in 2020. As you can imagine, there are plenty of cleaning products for polished stone surfaces out there so you just need to find the best products for your type of stone. Natural stone can dull over time, so you need to maintain it with polishing supplies.

For natural stone surfaces, choose a water-based cleaner with no harsh chemicals. Use a mild soap with warm water to clean and disinfect the surface. This step protects the stone from scratching and damage.

When cleaning natural stone surfaces, remember to dry the area immediately. This step prevents the stone from absorbing the cleaning agent. Also, using too much cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks.

Keep the shine of your natural stone flooring with a stone polishing kit. Apply an even coat of polish to the area using a mop or a sponge. Then, use a stone polishing machine to speed up the process.

Surface Maintenance and Care

Keep the shine of your home’s natural stone surfaces by having regular maintenance. Remember that stones can absorb spills and stains if not treated right away. Immediately clean the surface when spills happen to avoid staining.

Mop or sweep the floor area daily to avoid dust or dirt build-up. Prevent dirt from entering your house by putting a rug on the entrance. This preventive measure lessens the periodic cleaning that could damage the stone surfaces.

For outdoor areas, periodic cleaning is a must. Outdoor maintenance helps keep pollutants from accumulating. Also, regular inspection allows for early repair.

Polished Stone Maintenance and Care

These are some of the things you should know when taking care of your polished stone. Follow this guide to maintain the beauty of your home!

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