If you’re wondering what benefits you can have when getting straight teeth, then look no further than this guide.

We’ll walk you through a few of the best pluses when it comes to straight teeth to either help convince you it’s a great idea or maybe even get over the fear of braces!

More Confidence

The biggest and most visible benefit to getting straight teeth is the increased amount of confidence that goes along with it.

If you’re one of those people who’s really self-conscious about their teeth and want oral health care then you can also book your online appointment at hawaiifamilydental.com where you get pediatric, preventative, orthodontic, and cosmetic dental care all in one spot. Most orthodontic benefits, and even those shown in Invisalign promotions, always showcase happy smiling people, which you can be too!

The majority of the time after straightening, the dentist will recommend a whitening session to really bring out a wow factor to your smile. You’ll definitely finish your session feeling like a million bucks.

Way Easier to Clean

Straight teeth are easier to clean because the toothbrush and floss will reach every part of your teeth equally versus when they’re crooked the toothbrush may not reach each tooth equally. This means spending extra time to make sure each tooth is being cleaned.

The trickiest part can be the flossing as it might not either bit between teeth well enough and leave you with bad breath or build-up of plaque which can damage your teeth. Cleaning your teeth well and right is just one of the ways to prevent plaque from building, and straight teeth will help with that. Kickstart your way to cleaner and straighter teeth with the cosmetic dentist in chattanooga tn now.

Less Chance of Losing Teeth

Did you know that having straight teeth means a lower probability of losing them?

That’s right, with crooked teeth the chances of a tooth getting pushed out or loosened especially as you age and your bones become more brittle, is much higher than for those with straight teeth. This is largely due to the fact that straight teeth are equally spaced apart from each other and aren’t crowding and pushing.

Helps Keep a Healthy Jawbone

Did you know that crooked teeth can negatively affect our jawbone?

This is largely due to the pressure that is placed on teeth that are crowded and/or not straight. This pressure stresses the jawbone and can be a contributing factor to bone degeneration. But it isn’t the only contributing factor.

The biggest culprit for bone degeneration is a gum disease called periodontitis that causes irreparable jawbone damage and is usually present in crooked teeth.

Fewer Chips, Breaks, and Cracks

Crooked teeth have a higher chance of chipping breaking and cracking. This is because the teeth aren’t aligned up evenly to distribute biting pressure and can chip a lot easier.

The benefit of straightening teeth is that your bite is lined up perfectly and the pressure of chewing is equal on your teeth and even jaw. Breakage is very common among crooked teeth and is one of the biggest dental concerns and most advertise the benefits of teeth straightening. Getting straight teeth means fewer dentist appointments for any emergency repairs.

Lower Risk of Disease

Gum disease can be a very serious condition that can range from chronic inflammation to oral cancer. It usually occurs from food getting caught between your teeth and not being cleaned out very well. But the mouth isn’t the only place benefits from the prevention when having straight teeth.

Some digestive diseases start with bacteria building up in the mouth and getting into the digestive tract. Improper digestion for long periods of time can lead to various chronic digestive diseases like GERD, heartburn, or acid reflux, and in some cases even lead to constipation and diarrhea.

Less Headaches

When it comes to teeth, headaches can stem from poorly aligned teeth and jaw that created added tension to the muscle that’s used to open and close the mouth. This is usually a typical phenomenon in crowded teeth as there’s more pressure on the jaw. The other most common instance is an overbite or underbite that has the jaw muscles stretched improperly.

When straightening teeth, the orthodontist will also look at your bite and jaw alignment and fix it at the same time you have your braces. This may be something as easy as wearing elastics for a period of time in various thicknesses to correct an over or underbite.

Helps with Digestive Issues

Similar to lowering your diseases, getting straight teeth can drastically improve digestive issues.

Things like IBS, heartburn, abnormal bowel movements, and increased unexplained flatulence may be minimized or in some cases even completely eliminated.

Misaligned teeth can make completely chewing food difficult which in term negatively affects your digestive tract. Poorly chewed food is not meant to enter the digestive system and cause issues as the system tries its best to break down the food.

Less Risk of Injury

Having crooked teeth increases the risk of biting your tongue or the inside of your cheek and even accidentally knocking out your teeth than those who have straight teeth.

The reason being is that the crooked teeth can be at odd angles that make tongue positioning difficult and a bit more complex than normal. The causes the unfortunate incident and often painful injury of biting your own tongue or inside of your cheek.

Getting Straight Teeth Is a Good Idea!

There are loads of benefits to getting straight teeth and some may be more lucrative than others to you and your health. The best benefit is definitely the confidence booth to smile and laugh without feeling self-conscious about your teeth.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself those movie star teeth and while your heart out!

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