Is burnout real? Absolutely!

It’s not uncommon for over 75% of American workers to experience burnout during the year. If you’ve ever pushed yourself past your limits, you know all too well how exhausting, and depressing, burnout can be.

Your brain feels like mush, your spirits are low, and energy begins to sound like a myth. If you want to keep your mind and body charged, you should find a creative outlet.

What are 3 of the best creative hobbies for boosting productivity? Read on to find out!

1. How to Start a New Hobby With Jewelry

First, on our list of creative hobbies, you should try making jewelry. Crafting jewelry is a fun pastime, and it’s also a great way to make gifts to give to people you care about. You’ll have a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to crafting gorgeous pieces.

For instance, do you want to go with the soft threaded necklace or bracelet that you leave? Were you envisioning something with a little more sparkle, such as metallic pendants or rings? Make sure you know all of the factors to consider when working with beads.

After choosing a material you want to work with, you can hop on sites like Pinterest or Etsy to get inspiration from other jewelry makers. Of course, you’ll want to put your own spin on the pieces you make. However, admiring other jewelry styles can help you fine-tune the overall look you want your jewelry to have.

2. Musical Hobbies to Try

Do you play an instrument, or have you always wanted to learn? Playing music is hands down one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day at the office. If you don’t already play an instrument, don’t worry about overloading your schedule with a strict practice workload. Instead, take a playful approach you begin to learn a new instrument.

For instance, you could get a hand drum and attend a drum circle. At the drum circle, there will be so many other people playing, no one will notice if you aren’t perfectly in rhythm. Another great instrument you can pick up and instantly have fun with is the tambourine.

Keep a tambourine with you throughout the workday and randomly pick it up and start shaking it about. You’ll feel your spirits begin to lift with each jingle.

3. Colorful Hobby Ideas

Moving on, another great creative hobby is painting. You can choose to paint with watercolors, oil-based paints, or whatever medium you prefer. We suggest watching Bob Ross videos since there’s a ton of them available for free online. Following along with the famous painter, you can enjoy a light-hearted learning approach.

Are you looking for a little bit of social interaction? Then consider attending a local paint and wine night. You can invite a few friends to come with you or have fun meeting new people as you paint the night away.

Bonus: Pick Locks and Other Unique Hobbies

Lock picking challenges you to think outside the box and figure out the best way to open locks. The first step is to get a set of lockpicking tools. Add picks and other accessories as you become more adept at lock picking.

You can also pick unusual objects to collect and catalog them or create things with unconventional materials. Let your creative energy run free.

Choosing Creative Hobbies

From crafting jewelry to filling a canvas with color, it’s clear to see that creative hobbies can look different for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking for a completely immersive hobby, like learning to read music.

Or maybe you’re leaning towards simply sprinkling some fun into your life with a tambourine. Whatever the case may be, don’t delay in picking a creative hobby that you can start today. For more tips like these, read another one of our articles!

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