The Way of the Househusband or Gokushufudo, is a Japanese manga and television series that is full of action, comedy, and a slice of life. 

The manga series was written and drawn by Kousuke Oono and published by Shinchosha through Bunch Comics. It was featured by Kurage Bunch. The series’ original run is from February 2018 up to the present time, with 7 volumes. 

The anime television series was directed by Toichiro Ruto, written by Manabu Uda, under FINE Entertainment Studio, and was aired on Nippon TV. Its original run is from October 2020 to December 2020 with a total of 10 episodes. It was followed by its original net animation from April 2021 until the present time by Netflix, with a total of 5 episodes. 

It follows the story of a retired and ex-yakuza boss who left the world of crime to become a house-based husband. The series was adapted into a live-action movie in 2020. 

The main character of the story is ‘Tatsu’. He was feared and well known among the yakuza organization as the person who holds the title ‘The Immortal Dragon’. He took up the role of a househusband to support his career-oriented wife ‘Miku’. 

The series shows many comedic scenes of Tatsu working as a full-time househusband who has an intimidating appearance and character, as he goes on with his life running into his former life, associates, and rivals in the world of yakuza. 

Early Season Recap

To give us a better understanding of what to expect in the second season of ‘The Way of the Househusband’, let us briefly talk about the important details of the first season. 

Given the nature of comedy that is tightly entangled with the story plot. The first season follows the exciting story of Tatsu marrying Miku and leaving his life as a yakuza boss. He then realized that the role of a housewife and a househusband is similar to that of his former organization. As he ran errands and chores, he began to meet up with his former peers. Tatsu is a dedicated person and would always want to see Miku smile by doing his best in everything. 

The first season ended with Tatsu having to take a part-time job in a cafe and unexpectedly bump into the wife of the deceased yakuza boss who is currently working in the supermarket. In this episode, Tatsu celebrates his birthday. 

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2: Plot

Season 2 will pick up most likely from where season 1 has ended. The series will continue its slice-of-life comedy skits without having to worry about an overarching plot. The story is light and exciting. This allows the producers to be more creative and free to the story approach. 

In the first season, the story covered 30 chapters but has left out other chapters in between. 

In the second season, the creators will most likely adopt the remaining or uncovered chapters into a narrative scene. Tatsu continues to make Miku happy by his househusband role while becoming creative in doing freelance work, including works for the yakuza to earn extra cash. 

Masa will still be there to follow and support Tatsu in his journey to learn cooking, house cleaning, and maintenance. 

Characters like Torairou and Torii Hibari will most likely continue to appear in the next season and will have their improved level of comedy roles in the story. 

Viewers and fans are expecting to see more of this unique style in comedy that can only be seen in ‘The Way of the Househusband’. 

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2: Cast 

The story revolved around the life of Tatsu who became a househusband for his wife Miku. 

Here are the main characters of the story with the cast from the real-life adaptation.

Tatsu, played by Hiroshi Tamaki, was the former yakuza boss that became a househusband to support his wife Miku. 

Miku, played by Haruna Kawaguchi, is the wife of Tatsu. A career-oriented woman with a dedicated work ethic. 

Masa, played by Jun Shison, is Tatsu’s former junior during his time in the mafia. When meeting with Tatsu once again, he now runs the errands and chores for him. 

Torajiro, played by Kenichi Takito, is the former yakuza boss whose gang was disassembled by Tatsu. He now runs and sells crepes from his food truck. 

Other supporting characters are Mao Ichimichi as Gin, Atsuko Tanaka as Hibari Torii, Kimiko Saito as Chairperson, Jun Fukushima as the Young Yakuza Lieutenant, Naoto Takenaka as the Former Yakuza Boss, Junpei Yasui, and Yuta Furukawa as the policemen. 

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 of the series premiered on Netflix worldwide in April 2021. While the animation followed the chapters and volumes of the manga series, it doesn’t necessarily follow all the materials in it. 

The studio staff that collaborated with Netflix are working on several projects in between this series. 

For season 2 of ‘The Way of the Househusband’, there have been no official statements or information from the producers, about the project. 

However, many are being positive because of how Netflix has been very supportive to the anime community and has continued to produce memorable shows and series. 

Many fans and viewers are much more excited to see a new franchise of the series. Season 1 has made success and received several positive feedbacks. We can’t wait to see more of this comedy series. 

The Way Of The Househusband Season 2: Movie Trailer

Since there has been no news from the production team, there is no movie trailer for ‘The Way of the Househusband’ season 2. 

You can rewatch the first season movie and episode trailer on any entertainment, social media, and multimedia platform. 

You might see videos of season 2 that are fan-made based on their theories and opinions. 

If you have not seen the series yet. You should watch it now.

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