Ever heard of a Didgeridoo?

If not, it’s now time to. On hearing the word, it sounds more like a sound rather than an actual word, but it is real alright. Didgeridoo is an Australian aboriginal wind instrument that is shaped like a long wooden tube.

It is basically a musical instrument that makes a deep, resonant sound, the rhythm on the instrument is varied by the volume and the accents of the timber.

Didgeridoo comes under the variety of drone instruments including the tempura, gong etc. These variations are best suited for their use in meditation.

Mind, body, instrument connect:

Playing the didgeridoo is therapeutic, it is more about the peace and relaxation the instruments and the sounds generated from it provides to the brain. It has the ability to connect your mind, body and spirit and help you identify or rekindle your inner passion and motivations thereby helping you travel a path of health, wellbeing and happiness. If one single instrument can promise these, then we should definitely be giving it a try.

A lot of factors come into consideration when you are playing the instrument, like the deeper breathing, expanded lung capacity, a greater sense of rhythm and more, the sounds produced are rather out worldly and you get to experience a whole other spectrum of music that the modern world is not acquainted with. The vibrations that are produced by the didgeridoo take the listeners to a deep state of relaxation and trance. It takes us to a level of consciousness that we do not usually travel to on a regular basis.

This seemingly simple instrument, that barely looks like a hollow shaft of wood, is capable of producing sounds that from the inner depths and to play the same you need to have a strong hold on your respiratory system. Not just the respiratory system, you must have good command over the diaphragm, throat, lip, voice, abdominal and the intercostal muscles.

Playing a didgeridoo is an emotional and social journey, it helps the person who plays as well the one who listens to it. Imagine sitting comfortably with closed eyes and listening to the vibrations that are produced by theis magical instrument, you are guaranteed to feel calm and possibly fall asleep right after.

It is a powerful instrument capable of changing the life of the player. It is an ancient music instrument and for the ones that listen or play it there is a lot of fruitful gaining that they can collect.

We listen to the music that we vibe with the most, when we feel sad we listen to sad music, when we are in love we listen to romantic songs, when we feel unsettled and angry we choose songs that have high beats in them, similarly if you are craving for inner peace then listening to didgeridoo can be a therapeutic experience.

In the current world, with the immense stress that we undergo with each passing day, it is about time we welcome the sweet music of this instrument into our lives. It is time to replace the loud and unsettling electronic dance music and hardcore punk with these drone instruments so that when you listen to listen to some music, you might as well gain some peace alonng with it.

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