During the cold season, the reliability of your furnace is likely top of mind. If your furnace is old, and you think it’s time for an upgrade, knowing the types of furnaces on the market can help you choose a suitable replacement.

Are you looking into buying a furnace soon? Keep reading! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know before you make a decision.

Types of Furnaces

There are four main types of furnaces on the market today, and each comes with pros and cons. The type you choose will depend on location, size of your house, and how efficient you’d like your furnace to be.


This type of furnace is fueled by natural gas, and it’s the most common type of furnace you will see on the market in populated areas. You can tap into municipal natural gas lines, making access to fuel easy, and they are inexpensive to maintain and repair.


An oil furnace is an excellent choice if you don’t have easy access to a natural gas line. You’ll need space on your property to store oil, and someone will need to come out and refill it regularly. If you run out of oil, you won’t have heat.

An oil furnace is not as efficient as one that runs off of natural gas, but they are less expensive upfront.


This type of furnace is great if you do not have access to a natural gas line. They are relatively inexpensive and are smaller than other furnaces on the market.


A wood furnace is reliable and efficient. You don’t have to worry about monthly heating bills when you use one of these, but you will need access to a lot of wood to keep it going.

This type of furnace needs to be maintained every year. The build-up of creosote and rust can cause issues if left for too long.

How to Choose a Home Furnace

Choosing a furnace for heating a home will depend on its location and what type of fuel you have access to. If you live in a rural area and don’t have a natural gas line, you may think about an oil, propane, or wood furnace.

You will also want to consider the size of the furnace. To calculate the right size, you’ll need to take ceiling height, size of your home, number of windows, and more into account. Visit here to learn more about the types of furnaces available and get any questions you may have answered.

Buy a New Residential Furnace Today!

Now you know what types of furnaces there are on the market. Do you know which one you’ll choose? When we figure out how to heat a home efficiently, we can save a ton of money and worry less about staying warm in the colder months.

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