You may not be aware of it but we use rubber to make so many different products that you and I use every single day. You will find that gaskets, hoses, bumpers and many more things are made from this fantastic material.

We use moulding to create parts that we use within our vehicles and we use it because it handles really well around intense heat and pressure. It is easily shaped into many different products including car parts and although we use it all the time in many different applications, many people don’t have a firm appreciation of how useful it really is.

If you are not familiar with moulded rubber and specifically rubber mouldings that are used in the manufacturing industry then if you would like to know the benefits of using this type of rubber you need to learn more here.

  • It is highly customisable – Moulded rubber can be shaped in many different ways and so this is what makes it so attractive in the manufacturing industry. It can be created to make many different shapes and sizes of components.
  • It is waterproof – If machine or car parts are made from moulded rubber then you can be assured that water cannot damage them or get through them. Even when the rubber components are exposed to such things as heat and pressure, it still keeps their waterproof properties.
  • It is resistant to cracking – This is why many manufacturers use rubber because it stands up to very many things like chemicals, direct sunlight or any stress during a mechanical process and although it will crack after a time, it takes an incredibly long time for it to her.
  • It keeps its shape – The rubber parts itself will expand and contract due to different conditions but it will also revert back to its original shape every single time. It is also able to support many different materials and what many people don’t seem to know is that there are many different types of rubber that are used in the moulding process.

Hopefully, now you can see why manufacturers always use moulded rubber for parts that they produce because they are incredibly durable and very reliable. This is why it is a popular product for such things like O-rings, bushings and cord stock. It is the material of choice for manufacturers all across Australia and it will continue to be so into the immediate future.

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