Comic books can become a rare collector’s item and can actually be sold at a hefty price. But how expensive can comic books actually become? Well here we’ve compiled some of the most expensive comic books in the world. You can also check comicbento.com for the history of marvel.

Suspense Comics #3

Suspense_Comics_#3This is one of the most expensive non-superhero comics in history. Published by continental during 1994, the comic had limited exposure due to shop owners not wanting to display it for its offensive cover. The comic became a rare find and it was even sold for $173,275 in 2015

Showcase #4

Showcase_#4The first on this list will be the Silver age version of the DC superhero “The Flash”. The creation of the character proved to be a massive success and has become one of the leading DC comic superheroes. Due to the popularity of the character, this comic book was sold for $179,250 back in 2009.

Action Comics #13

Action_Comics_#13The comic shows Superman’s first battle with the villain Ultrahumanite. It also shows an advertisement for Superman #1. The comic was sold for a whopping $185,000 back in 2011.

All American Comics #16

All_American_Comics_#16In 1940, All American Comics released the origin story and the first appearance of one of it’s most iconic characters, Alan Scott, the Golden Age version of “The Green Lantern”. With the character becoming so popular in recent times, the comic was sold for $203,150 back in 2015.

Action Comics #10

Action Comics #10Published back in 1939, the comic included a storyline where superman went to prison and featured some iconic characters like Lois Lane. Although the comic didn’t show any major superheroes, someone still wanted to purchase it for $258,000 in 2011. 

Avengers #1

Avengers_#1The 1963 comic book featuring the superhero team-up that’s composed of Iron-man, the Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, and the Wasp. It shows them trying to defeat Loki, the god of mischief.  With the series becoming quite popular over time, the first issue had sold for a whopping $274,000.

Whiz Comics #2

Sold at $281,000 in 2012, Whiz Comics #2 features the first appearance of captain marvel, or who’s currently known as Shazam these days. What’s confusing about this issue is that it’s supposed to be the first issue due to how issue #1 was never actually released to the public.

Fantastic Four #1

Fantastic_Four_#1Probably one of the most impactful comic books in history, it features the arrival of the Fantastic Four by Stann Lee and Jack Kirby. Without this comic, none of the modern-day superheroes would’ve been made. The issue was sold in 2011 for over $300,000.

Incredible Hulk #1

Incredible_Hulk_#1The comic shows the origin story of another one of Stan Lee’s iconic superhero, Then Incredible Hulk. It was sold for $326,000 in August 2014, and it features Dr. Bruce Banner’s first transformation into the giant monster. And believe it or not, the Hulk was actually gray on its original appearance.

Captain America Comics #1

Captain_America_#1The first-ever appearance of the iconic Marvel super-soldier Captain America. It also has its famous cover of the Captain punching Adolf Hitler in the face. With this comic becoming so famous, it was sold for over $343,057.

Marvel Comics #1

Marvel_Comics_#1Being one of the most famous comic brand and entertainment companies, Marvel’s first-ever issue was sold for over $350,000. It featured some of its major characters like the Human Torch and Namor the Sub Mariner.

Tales of Suspense #39

Tales_of_Suspense_#39Tales of suspense shows the origins and introduction of another one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s superheroes, Iron Man. It featured Tony Stark donning an upgraded version of the suit. The comic was then sold for $375,000 in 2012.

FlashComics #1

Flash_Comics_#1Coming in 8th place for being one of the most expensive comics in the world, Flash Comics #1 was sold for $450,000 due to its pristine condition making it look good as new. 

X-Men #1

X_men_#1The first issue of the X-Men series was sold for a whopping $492,937.50 back in 2012. It was one of Stant lee and Jack Kirby’s most successful series and even became a cartoon and movie franchise decades after its creation.

Batman #1

Batman_#1The first solo appearance of the caped crusader, Batman #1 shows the masked vigilante and two of his main villains, Catwoman and the Joker. Being one of the most famous DC superheroes, a copy of the issue was sold for over $567,625 in 2013. 

All-Star Comics #8

All-Star Comics #8 features the Justice Society of America and the origins of one of their main heroines, Wonder Woman. With the issue featuring one of the most famous characters in DC, a copy of it was able to sell for $936,223 in 2017.

Detective Comics #27

Detective_Comics_#27This issue shows the first-ever appearance of Boba Kane and Bill Finger’s masked vigilante, Batman. With the comic being quite popular for Batman lovers, it was able to sell for a whopping $1.075 million, making it 2010’s most expensive comic ever sold.

Amazing Fantasy #15

Amazing_Fantasy_#15A 1962 comic that features the introduction of Steve Ditko and Stan Lee’s web-slinger, Spider-Man. Being one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel franchise, it’s no surprise that someone would want to buy the issue for $1.1 million back in 2011 making it the third most expensive comic book in the world.

Action Comics #1-CGC 8.5

Action_comics_8.5The second most expensive comic in the world is the first issue published by Action Comics with a CGC grading attached to it. The issue features the first-ever appearance of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster’s Superman. With a grade of 8.5, the issue was able to sell for $1.5 million.

Action Comics #1-CGC 9.0

On the top spot on this list is one of the most expensive comic book ever sold with a CGC grade of 9.0 is another copy of Action Comics #1. Due to its pristine condition, someone actually went and bought it on eBay for $3.2 million dollars.

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