Chairs are the most important piece of furniture for any home or office. When it comes to the varieties, you can find endless options.

From colors to styles, there are different kinds of chairs that you can buy for your home. In this article, we will talk about different types of must-have chairs in your home. So, let us get started…

Arm Chair

This is one of the most common chairs you could find in any home. With an armrest and straight back, you can buy this chair in two styles – made of wood or covered in upholstery. It is available in vibrant colors and fits any room easily. Depending on your needs, you can buy it, in a pair or a single piece.

Lounge Chair

Another common chair found in most of the houses is the lounge chair. As the name suggests, it is designed for lounging your legs stretched out after a tiring day. It comes with an in-built footrest or extensions, allowing you to stretch yourself. You can place it anywhere in your study, living room, or bedroom.

Lounge Chair

Recliner Chair

After a long tiring day, you can relax your body on the recliner chair. This is one of the most comfortable chairs available with leather covering and a lot of filling inside. It features a footrest and backrest that can be easily bent to turn them into a lounge chair, making it super comfortable. It is also known as the Lay-Z boy chair and can be placed in the study, living room, or entertainment area.

Wing back Chair

The classic wing back chair can be an essential item in your home, enhancing any room’s look. You can use it as a statement piece as it gives a picturesque look when you place it in any space, especially in the study or near the fireplace. If your bedroom is spacious, you can also place it over there.

Rocking Chair

It may seem an old-school style, but can be an attention grabber. It features two curved bends to the ends of its legs and gives a swing like feel to the individual sitting on the chair. Place it on your library or porch and enjoy your time.

Egg Chair

Egg chair is one of the most trendy and in-vogue chairs for those who want to give a contemporary look to their home. This style of chair is also available in different versions, like hanging ones. You just need to install it on your balcony or porch and enjoy reading books or weather. Also, you can place this chair in your entertainment zone.

Bottom Line

The home furniture is incomplete without chairs. Today there are different types of chairs available in the market with respect to their size and colors. From antique styles to contemporary and modern, there is a wide assortment of chairs in the market today and age. You can look through the chairs mentioned above and find the right chair for your needs.

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