One of the toughest choices that homeowners struggle with is choosing between a  single storey house design and a double storey house design. While there are homeowners set on a particular design, there are more that find making the decision quite difficult. And the decision is definitely a challenging one when you consider the many advantages of both types of designs.

As experienced home builders in Sydney, we are well versed in both single storey and double storey homes, and are knowledgeable about the benefits and potential drawbacks that each design offers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Single Storey Pros

When taking a closer look, it is clear that there are many advantages.

One of the main reasons so many families opt for single storey homes is the variety of different layouts. Single storey homes tend to have a larger variety of designs available and lend themselves more to open-plan designs, which have been exceptionally popular over the past decade.

The other major advantage is accessibility. Because every part of the home is on one floor, it is easier for children, elderly people, those with limited mobility and even pets to make their way from one room to the next without any issue.

Another thing to consider is that single storey homes are usually both cheaper to build as well as more affordable to maintain when compared to double storey homes.

Single Storey Cons

The only real potential drawback to single storey designs is that if you are working with a small plot, you may not be left with much of a garden once your home has been built. Single storeys do not exactly maximise your floor space. In this regard, a double-storey home may be able to offer you more garden space and more entertainment space on the same sized lot.

Double Storey Pros

Many people find double-storey homes more appealing and even have more character than single storey homes. But apart from their aesthetic appeal, there are definitely a few more practical advantages to consider.

If you have a small plot, building a double-storey home will allow you to have more floor space in your home than if you were to build a single storey home. It also allows you to enjoy a larger garden, and for many people having a garden is very important to them.

With a double-storey home, you can enjoy the views of surrounding areas from the first floor, more than you would be able to if you just had a single storey.

There are so many different types of double storey house designs in Sydney, and here at Kurmond Complete, we have something to suit everyone!

Double Storey Cons

Something that you should consider if you are leaning more towards double storey designs is the cost. They tend to be a little more expensive to build, and maintenance can also be more challenging and costly. Just think about washing the windows in the upstairs bedrooms! You may need to call in a professional each time this job needs to be done.

Unfortunately, staircases can prove dangerous, and all of us have heard of someone who has broken a bone by falling down the stairs in their own home. The danger of staircases increases when you have children or elderly people living with you. However, there are many ways to make your staircase safer by adding carpet, railings, etc.

Which Design Is Best For Me?

When deciding between double storey and single storey house designs, there is much to be taken into consideration. Besides the various pros and cons that we have already mentioned, you’ll need to also think about your personal lifestyle needs, the lot you have chosen, your budget, long-term maintenance and more. If you are struggling to decide, it may be well worth your time to visit various display homes to get a realistic feel for both double storey and single storey house designs in Sydney. You may also want to speak to professional home builders and listen to whatever advice they may have for you!

Are you looking for double storey and single storey house designs in Sydney? Kurmond Complete has a wide range of different single storey and double storey house designs in Sydney for you to choose from. Our designs offer many different price points, sizes, shapes and house inclusions. Feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 764 761 or check out our website to view some of our designs!

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