Ready to select an engagement ring? Wish to know the most sacred secrets of the jewellery industry? How to choose the engagement ring and get the best value for it? We understand it’s easy to be blinded by the bountiful options presented on the market, and it may be hard to resist their scintillating sparkle.

However, there are a few details you should account for before making a considerate purchase. Luckily, we are here to unfold the mysteries behind jewellery craft. Here are a few steps you should take to ensure your ring is a representation of exquisite artisanship and finest tradition.

Diamond’s Quality.

While flipping through design catalogues remains the crucial part of any research, there’s so much more to buying a befitting band. At first, you have to consider 4Cs:

  • Diamond colours are graded from D to Z, with D being what experts call an eye-clean stone. Lower grades presuppose small insertions of yellowish or brownish hues. Note that the difference between the J-D range is often imperceptible to the naked eye, making the matter of colouring highly subjective. If you feel like shelling out on a perfect grade, no one’s going to stop you, but mind, the compromise will give you a free ticket to a larger size.
  • Clarity reflects the degree of blemishes and varies from FL to SI2. While the grading system is universal, what is crystal-clear for one shape, may be tinted for the other. As a rule, fancy forms like marquise or heart require higher marks since they are prone to inclusions of all sorts.
  • Cut refers to stone’s ability to exude light and shine magnificently from all angles. Different faceting greatly influences the diamond’s blink. For instance, shapes like round, radiant and princess cut possess more brilliance than emeralds, pears or ovals.
  • Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. There is a common misconception that carats are solemn indicators of size. While these two notions are connected, they are not the same. The overall size of a rock is influenced by a number of factors: cut (deep or shallow), shape (fancy or traditional), type of setting, and so on. If your darling craves a bigger stone, aiming for more carats is not always a solution. The pitfall is: as the carat size increases, the price grows exponentially. But there are a few ways how to guarantee a prominent impression without going bankrupt:
  • add side stones;
  • pick elongated cuts;
  • choose ‘’moderately’’ shallow depth.

The significance of these 4 Cs is for you to determine. After you set your priorities, it will be simpler to narrow down the variants to truly worthy ones.

Diamonds or Not. That Is a Question

Man-made Diamonds

While everyone on the Earth has heard of mined organic diamonds, not many are familiar with lab-grown diamonds. The latter have only recently entered the jewellery scene but already gathered quite a following. Lab-grown diamonds flaunt the same qualities as organic ones, the only difference being in the manufacturing process.

As the name suggests, they are created in special facilities using equipment that mimics natural forming conditions. They also constitute an excellent alternative for price-conscious buyers who desire the renowned radiance but can’t afford a hefty tag. Lag-brown diamonds are typically 40 % less expensive.

Man-made diamonds are sometimes called artificial twins because no friend or relative can disprove their ‘’realness’’. Of course, they aren’t rare and weren’t hidden under Earth’s crust for millions of years, but who cares as long as your gift bears sentimental meaning. Consider buying a lab-grown diamond for your band if you’re an environmentalist or don’t want to sponsor conflicting parties.

P.S.: regardless of which diamonds you decide to commit to, we recommend always inquiring about the enclosed documentation. Most reputable shops sell diamonds with GIA certificates that grant top-notch quality and ethical sourcing.

Colourful Gems and Diamonds

2021 was marked by rising attention to personalised accessories. Diversifying your look with a coloured stone became a popular fashion choice. Therefore, ruby and topaz engagement rings have once again reclaimed their place in the sun. While they can not be characterised by extreme durability like diamonds, they certainly mesmerise with their unique touch. Many grooms prefer the colour of their main stone to be symbolic, to signify some milestone or to match the fiancée’s astrological sign. If gems won over your heart, too, we advise checking their quality on the Mohs scale. The value of 8 and higher is likely to last a lifetime. If your mind is set on diamonds, you can also get them in different shades. You can select anything you’d like from the rainbow spectre, from blue to pink. Coloured diamonds are rightfully called the scarcest nature miracle. Apart from getting a thoughtful betrothal token, you’ll be making a winning investment.

Now that we’ve painted you a picture of available items, it is up to your personal preference which stone to choose. No one will blame you if you stick to colourless white diamonds. How can one deny the appeal of classics and the allure of luxury?

Style Before Size

If you want to preserve the intrigue to the last moment, reckon with your partner’s taste. They should feel comfortable wearing their engagement ring every day. There are numerous designs, so finding one may take you a while. But that’s the fun part; you get to explore the rich assortment and see what’s outdated and what’s trending. The stone, metal, shape – all these will forge a piece of jewellery she‘ll hold closest to the heart.

Where to Buy

With the introduction of online stores, you are no longer obliged to buy an engagement ring in person. E-shopping has become quick, secure and safe. You can use the progressive 3d technology, rotate your band and check it for any imperfections. In addition, many companies offer incentives like complimentary resizing, free shipping, warranties, etc., so there won’t be any surprises when your parcel is delivered. An online purchase is not a risk but an attractive possibility!

We hope these tips will be useful for you. We thank the Collegian newspaper for the data they’ve collected to make this article possible. If you enjoyed reading it, visit their website and dive into the world of exciting press.

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