Sarah Julia Fagan was born on August 18, 1896. His birthplace name is Baltimore City, Maryland, USA. Sarah Julia married Clarence. Clarence left his family to start a career as a jazz musician.

The first couple child was born. He named his daughter Eleanora. When Sarah was 19 years old, they traveled from Baltimore to Philadelphia.

About Sarah Julia Fagan

In 1929, Billie and her mother moved to Harlem. Florence Williams, who owned a house at 151 West 140th Street, was also a well-dressed woman. One of the town’s youngest prostitutes, Billie, was just 14 years old when she started working as one. When the residence raids were on May 2, 1929, residents took into arrest.

Two months later, Sarah and Billie were released from the workhouse. She was born on April 7, 1915. Her parents are young. Sarah and Clarence were 18 years old. Clarence was a legendary jazz singer. Billie lives a simple life. But, her father passes away rapidly.

Family and Career

Her mother, Sarah and Philip Gough, married when she was just five years old, had a divorce after many years of marriage. When Billie was nine years old, she began skipping school.

She returned after seven months. After going to New York City, “she worked as a prostitute at Alice Dean’s brothel” for two years (Ward). She started singing in clubs to get rid of some issues in her life. she “renamed herself after the film diva Billie Dove.” When she was 18 years old, John Hammond offered the opportunity to join his band in a Harlem jazz club.

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday, an African American jazz singer, was known for his hilarious laughter.

Personal Life

The Holiday came to New York City with her mother in 1928, but the 1929 crisis (a period of low economic conditions and widespread unemployment) quickly left her mother jobless. The Holiday was employed as a singer in 1932. Her international fame was established by recording produced between 1935 and 1939.

Many songs are made using Young’s piano and Holiday’s voice. They rarely recorded together after the 1930s, but they remained soul mates. In 1938, she worked at Cafe Society, where she met her husband. The following year, she joined Benny Goodman on the radio, so she did that.


Producer John Hammond founded the Holiday in a Harlem jazz club at 18. Holiday recorded with up-and-coming clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman thanks to Hammond.

When she was 26 years old, she married Jimmy Monroe. Jimmy Monroe is a narcotics dealer. Saddest Tale was the first song that Billie Holiday sang after smoking a million cigarettes and using narcotics. As her career progressed, she became an expert at creating depressingly sad songs. For those of us who learned about Billie through the tragic things, there are a plethora of collection CDs that reveal her early recordings were often cherry.

There are two different views on the Billie Holiday album. In the opinion of some admirers, Taylor’s last few studio albums are the most heartbreaking ones, mainly because her voice has weakened and the songs themselves are depressing.

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