Ruth Pinchas is a celebrity kid, celebrated as the daughter of Hanneli Goslar. Hanneli Goslar is a former nurse best known for her close friendship with writer Anne Frank. The two friends met while they attended the Sixth Montessori School in Amsterdam before joining Jewish Lyceum.

Hanna and her sister were the only survivors after they were arrested alongside their father and maternal grandparents. The Pinchas family was sent to the Westerbork transit camp, where they were kept in dilapidated conditions.

Who is Anne Frank, and why is her friendship significant to Ruth Pinchas Pick’s lif? Keep on reading to learn more.

Ruth Pinchas Pick Personal Life

Ruth Pinchas is the daughter of former nurse Hanneli Gosler and Dr Walter Pinchas Pick. There is no sufficient information about Ruth’s birth date, upbringing or career path. She has kept a low profile over the years. She has two siblings, and her parents live in Jerusalem.

Ruth Pinchas Pick Mother

Ruth’s mother, Hannah, was born in Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany, on 12 November 1928. She is the eldest child of Hans Goslar and Ruth Judith Kleen. Her mother, a teacher, died giving birth to her third child, and the baby was stillborn. Her father, Hans Goslar, served as the deputy minister for domestic affairs in Germany until 1933. Both Ruth’s parents were observant Jews.

After the election of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party and Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, Hanna’s father was forced to resign from his government job. He then sought to find work that would allow him to stay home on the Shabbat as per his Jewish observation.

The Goslars moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands. While there, she met her future best friend and diarist Anne Frank while attending the Sixth Public Montessori School in Amsterdam. Anne and Hanna also became friends with Susanne “Sanne” Ledermann, Ilse Wagner, and Jacqueline van Maarsen. The four friends later became prominent names in Anne Franks’s famous diary.

In June 1943, there was an arrest on Hannah, her father, her maternal grandparents, and her younger sister Gabrielle. They were sent to the Westerbork transit camp and later to the Bergen-Belsen exchange camp in February 1944. While at the camp, Hannah was kept in a privileged section because her family had Paraguayan passports. Hannah and Anne Frank briefly reunited in January or February 1945. Since Anne Frank was a less privileged prisoner, Hanna fed her by tossing a package with bread and socks over a hay-filled barbed wire fence that divided the two sections.

That was the last Hannah saw of her best friend, who would later die either in February or early March the same year. While in hiding, Anne Frank kept a diary on the everyday happenings during World War II. Her diary was saved, later published, and translated to English as The Diary of a Young Girl.

Hanna and her sister survived at Bergen-Belsen for 14 months, but her father and grandparents succumbed to illnesses before liberation. After being rescued from the Lost Train, they immigrated to Jerusalem in 1947, where she still lives.

Hannah has appeared in several documentaries related to Anne Frank, like The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank and Anne Frank Remembered.

Wrapping Up

Hannah played a huge role in Anne Frank’s life as a friend by just feeding her during The Holocaust. Although she died, the diary posthumously made her and her friends famous.


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