Did you know that Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos has a fraternal twin? The mother gave birth to two children, a boy, and a girl, during his birth. Hence he has a twin sister. The two have been brought up together since inception.

Having someone to grow up with since day one is a blessing. This article is about Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos.

Personal information

Name: Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos
Age: 12 years old
Date of birth: 10th July 2009
Parents: Molly Ringwald, Panio Gianopoulos
Sisters: Mathilda Ereni Gianopoulos and Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos
Grandparents: Adele Edith Frembd, Robert Ringwald
Uncle: Kelly Ringwald
Aunt: Beth Ringwald

Information background of Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos

On 10th July 2009, Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos was born with his fraternal sister, Adele Georgiana Gianopoulos. He is the only son of Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos.

About Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos’s mother

His mother, Molly Ringwald, was born on 18th February 1968 in Roseville, California, in the United States of America. Molly is the daughter of Robert Scott Ringwald and Adele Edith Frembd. Her mother was a pastry chef, while his father was a blind jazz pianist who played in the “Great Pacific Jazz Band” as frontman and banjo player.

Molly started her acting career at the age of five when she acted in a local stage production of “Alice in Wonderland” in the role of “dormouse.”

At six years old, Molly produced her first jazz album titled ‘I Wanna Be Loved by You,’ collaborating with her father and his band. In her childhood, she continued acting.

Molly is currently a writer, singer, American actress, and dancer. This is her career path

Marriage of Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos’s parents

Molly was married to a French writer in 1999 in France. The marriage lasted for three years, and they filed for a divorce.

In 2007 she met with a Greek-American writer and book editor, Panio Gianopoulos, and married. The couples have three children: Mathilda Ereni, Adele Georgiana, and Roman Stylianos.

The couple has been in a healthy relationship for a decade now.

What does the elder sister of Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos’s profession?

His elder sister, Mathilda Ereni Gianopoulos, was born on 22nd October 2003. She is currently 18 years old.

Mathilda has followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined the entertainment industry as an actress. She is a teenage actress.

She is also doing modeling as her passion from a young age. Mathilda is currently believed to be schooling, but her educational background has been private.

During her debut in the modeling industry, her mother, Molly, is seen behind the stage. She was walking with her at this critical time of her life. Molly states that taking care of teens is tricky in this generation, but she is doing her best to care for her elder child.

Social media

Roman Stylianos Gianopoulos was not on any social media platform until he aged. His personal information has been kept private hence little information is known about him.

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