Although weddings came to a halt last year, there was a boom in engagement ring sales. Fortunately, romance isn’t dead and getting married is still very much on our minds. But what do people want when it comes to their engagement and wedding rings? What are the current wedding trends? And how much are couples willing to spend on their big day?

The Perfect Ring

After a year of being forced to shop online, a study by F Hinds has looked into what loved up couples are searching for in the perfect ring.

The data revealed that Brits are keen for diamond engagement rings more than any other type, with an average of 14,800 searches every month in 2020. And August proved the most popular month for those logging on to source their diamonds.

Sapphire is the second most popular choice of stone for our rings – perhaps influenced by Kate Middleton – with 12,100 searches per month. Emerald rings come in third with 9,900 searches.

But as we know, it’s not all about the stone. The band is important too, and it’s white gold that proves most popular in the UK, with 9,900 online searches each month in 2020.

Platinum – the more expensive choice – is a worthy runner up, with 5,400 online searches, while silver comes in third with 4,400 per month.

The Wedding of our Dreams

Once the ring’s been picked and accepted, it’s time to get down to business. There’s a lot to budget for when planning a wedding – with the venue, catering, rings, entertainment and flowers, the costs can seem never-ending.

The average length of engagement for couples ahead of their big day is 23.5 months and the report revealed they’re spending 25% or more of their household income to achieve the big day of their dreams.

In fact, Bridebook’s 2020 Wedding Report found that, including the engagement ring and honeymoon, we’re splashing out an average of £20,731 on our big day. In terms of how that’s divided up, £6,286 goes on the venue and £1,193 on the dream wedding dress.

Budget aside, 34% of couples married in 2019 chose a rustic wedding theme and 18% wed in a barn venue. Country houses were still the most in-demand venue choice for 26%, but the rise in rustic, country weddings suggests we’re favouring a more relaxed, casual vibe.

Planning the Perfect Day

Weddings certainly aren’t an easy thing to plan, and unsurprisingly 16% of couples say the hardest thing about the process is staying on budget. Family politics are the stumbling block for 10%, while the biggest headache for 4% is the seating plan.

The most popular month for couples to get married is August, with 18% opting for a summer wedding. Cold, dark January is the least in demand – only 2% booked their big day in for the start of the year.

Meanwhile, December is the chosen month to get engaged for 19%, proving that Christmas and New Year proposals are as trendy as ever.

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