A beautiful smile is one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression. You can achieve a perfectly beautiful smile with excellent technological advances in dentistry. Like in many areas worldwide, getting dental implants in Etobicoke is a good option if you want to restore your confidence.

Dental implants are a leading procedure for teeth replacement and can provide a permanent solution for people with missing teeth. They feel and look natural and are affordable. If you live in Etobicoke and are interested in dental implants, this guide will give you all the essential information.

Why Should You Choose A Dental Implant Procedure?

When you have missing teeth, the bone around the missing tooth area starts to shrink. This space can eventually affect the other teeth. If this isn’t addressed immediately, the space can cause the other teeth to shift, changing your face’s appearance and hindering you from smiling confidently. Having dental implants will help make your smile look full, natural and beautiful.

Getting dental implants in Etobicoke is the best solution if you want to restore your smile. It is among the strongest treatment available because it can handle a lot of force once complete and fully healed. Dental implants are made of titanium metal, making them more durable and affordable. Thus, they are deemed the best solution for reclaiming your confident smile.

Furthermore, it will help you ensure that your bone structure and jawline remain intact around the missing teeth to prevent any changes in your appearance. Dental implants are some of the best tooth replacement procedures to stop gum and jaw breakdown and even reverse it.

The Different Types Of Dental Implants

Now that you know the advantages of getting a dental implant, it is best to know the different dental implants you can get. Here are three different types of dental implants:

  1. Multiple Or Partial Dental Implants

This dental implant procedure is best for people who don’t want an implant for every missing tooth—the procedure involves having the bridge supported by implants on each end. These dental implants can hold at least six replacement teeth for a complete smile. It’s a good option of you are on a budget because the procedure is less costly.

  1. Single Tooth Dental Implants

It is one of the more common dental implants and is pricier than the other options. This procedure involves a tiny titanium tube placed in the empty tooth space of the patient with an attached crown. It helps make the tooth look identical to the other and won’t affect the rest.

  1. Denture Supported Implants

Patients who have lost multiple teeth can also choose denture-supported implants. It is affordable and can give you a more flexible option for teeth replacement. A simple denture-supported implant can cover various missing or damaged teeth as it has multiple replacement teeth.

To receive dental implants, your gums should be healthy and have enough bone to support the implant. Once you have received dental implants in Etobicoke, maintain a meticulous oral hygiene routine to ensure that the implants last long.

Dental implants are an extensive procedure for tooth replacement, and the three types of dental implants you can get it Etobicoke namely Subperiosteal implants, Endosteal and Zygomatic implants.

Subperiosteal Implants: these implants have a metal frame fitted onto your jawbone. As soon as the gum tissue heals, the frame will become fixed to your jawbone. The posts attached to the frame then start protruding through your gums. The artificial teeth are then attached to the posts.

Endosteal Implants: These implants are surgically attached and implanted into your jawbone. This time, when the gum tissue heals, you will need a second surgery that connects a post to the implant. The artificial teeth are then attached individually or grouped via a denture or bridge.

Zygomatic Implants: These are not as commonly available because of how complicated the procedure is. However, if you have insufficient jawbone for an Endosteal implant, you may require this type of dental implant. Zygomatic Implants require the implant to be inserted into your cheekbone instead of your jawbone.

How Long Do Dental Implants Heal?

Once you have done your dental implant procedure, the Osseointegration process begins. This process starts when the bone tissue begins to heal and grow around the new titanium, strengthening the foundation. Each patient’s healing process can differ depending on which dental expert in Etobicoke you choose.

A successful dental implant can take about three to six months to heal. While your dental implants are healing, you should eat foods that don’t require a lot of chewing, like soups, broth, juices and yogurt. You might bite your tongue and won’t feel pain because of the numbing agents used during the procedure. It will be bad for your mouth, so please be careful when eating.

After two weeks of healing, you can gradually introduce chewable foods into your diet, like vegetables and meat.


If you are unsure which dental implant procedure to get in Etobicoke, ask your dental professional about the types of dental implants and what is best for you. After choosing the best option and having undergone the procedure, note that the healing process can differ from patient to patient. Generally, dental implants can cost you a large sum and take about three to six months to heal and may. But it is worth the money and time because it will help restore your beautiful smile.

Many dental clinics in Etobicoke can help you with your dental problems. You can check online lists available in your area and look into their services. Having dental implants will restore your confidence as you reclaim your perfect smile.

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