Football is a well-known sport globally; along with that, few clever football lovers are required to come up with the best gift ideas. If you have a footy fan friend and want to gift them something relatable to their passion item, you will be sure to get the fantastic gift ideas in this post.

Nowadays, the customised option is also available; you can easily customise anything you want for your friend. With the customised gift, you can add the extra later of exclusivity to your football fans’ gifts.

One of the best gifts for the football lover is a custom Fifa card. In this post, we discuss why a custom FIFA card is the best gift idea. With the help of this post, you can save a lot of time online searching for the best idea of gift.

A Lot Of Options In Card Designs

One of the best things about the custom FIFA card is that there are many different card designs, and you will choose the best one for your friend. The most well-known designs are the ones that are inspired by the FIFA22. Different designs of the custom football cards are represented the different types of fans and footballers. Some of the most popular card designs are:

Here’s a quick rundown of a few really popular designs:

  • S22 Football’s Greatest
  • S22 Shiny Gold
  • S22 Gold Inform
  • S22 One To Watch (OTW)

You know your friends best, so you will make a fantastic Fifa card with this football card knowledge.

Various Styles Of Football Cards

When you choose the custom FIFA card for your friend, you also have style choices. You can select the style as per your own choices. The most popular options in the style of cards are metal and standard. These both are shaped the same as those you see in the games like FIFA’s ultimate team. So when you see one in front of your eyes, it looks fantastic. The main difference between these two options is material. The standard cards are made from Foamex, and the metal cards are forged in 100% metal.

You Can Also Print The Photo

When you customise the real-life football card, the most personal part is the name and picture. You have to choose which photo you want to print on the card and how to do you upload it perfectly. If you select the original photo, it enhances your card’s look. Make sure you choose a high-quality picture with a clear view of the head and shoulders. Avoid those photos that have messy backgrounds.

Shipping Option Is Also Available

Various companies provide shipping services also, but some want delivery on a special day. Those lovers also have a super-fast track service, and they have done your all work on priority.

In Last

The points mentioned above are the reasons why customisable FIFA cards are the best gift ideas for football lovers. We hope this piece of information will fulfil your needs and requirements.

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