Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are often assumed to be the same. However, oriental rugs are far more different than Persian rugs in terms of origination, diversity, and design. So, if you have been using these terms interchangeably, then this article is for you!

To give you a clear understanding, Oriental rugs are a much broader category. Persian rugs happen to fall under the umbrella of Oriental rugs.

Despite the differences, both these rugs happen to have similar cleaning, maintenance, and restoration process. So, before we proceed to the different methods of rug cleaning Sunshine Coast let’s understand the basic difference between Oriental and Persian Rugs. All the handmade Oriental Rugs store in San Francisco are unique and that makes them rare and expensive.

  • What are Oriental Rugs?

Origin: To put it in simple words oriental rugs originate from Asia. Originally, these rugs came from India, China, Tibet, Pakistan, and Tibet. However, with the rise in export from China, the country soon became a major exporter of Oriental rugs. The history of rugs and carpets making goes back a long way in China, but the art has been exposed to the world in recent years. The drawback with China’s rapid export is its extensive production of oriental rugs using machines.

Specialty: Remember that Oriental rugs are handwoven. Several yarns of wool are knotted in Turkish style to form a design. Although, there are machine-made oriental rugs available in the market. But the specialty of a true oriental rug is its hand woven and knotted design. It takes hours and days in creating one oriental rug.

Design: Oriental rugs may be made from silk, wool, and bamboo. Usually, oriental rugs have designs that reflect the culture of the region. You may find rugs with landscapes, floral designs, geometric shapes, or animals made from contrasting colors. All the handmade Oriental rugs are unique and that makes them rare and expensive.

  • What are Persian Rugs?

Origin: Persian rugs are traditionally made hand-knotted rugs that originate from Iran. The technique of making rugs goes back to hundreds of years in Persian history. You may come across some diversity in Persian rugs. In then Persia, some rugs were named after different cities or tribes. As different cities of Iran have their techniques and style.

Fun Fact: The oldest Persian rug is over 2400 years old! And the history of Persian rugs is even older.

Specialty: Persian rugs are made from wool using Persian knots. The finest quality Persian rugs can have over 500 knots per square inch. The original Persian rugs are naturally oiled because of wax released by domestic sheep. These oils act as a preservative and are the major reason why Persian rugs last for generations.

Design: Persian rug designs are categories into 4 categories namely one-sided, overalls, central medallion, and compartment. Similar to Oriental rugs, these rugs may have similar designs consisting of landscapes, central floral designs, geometrical shapes, animals, and even with text nowadays. You can find Persian rugs in warm tone colors that make your house look vibrant.

Now, that you understand the difference between Persian and Oriental rugs, it is time to understand the suitable cleaning methods. Surprisingly, the method of rug washing Sydney is quite similar for both rug variants. Let’s see how you should clean and maintain your precious rugs!

Process of Persian and Oriental rug Cleaning Sunshine Coast!

Process of Persian and Oriental rug

  1. How to Perform Rug Washing Sydney?

The process of Persian and Oriental rug cleaning is similar. However, in the case of silk rugs, you must consult professional rug cleaning specialists. Here’s how you can go general cleaning of your valuable rugs:

  • Vacuum clean your rugs for removing dirt and debris from the surface. Avoid beating rugs for removing dirt.
  • Make a solution of warm water and liquid soap. Apply the foam on the rugs and scrub it gently.
  • Rinse the solution using water, and absorb excess moisture from the rugs. Let it dry naturally.
  1. How to Remove Stains from Rugs?

Stains are inevitable. As most of the Persian and Oriental rugs are dyed it gets slightly difficult to handle stains. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Use blotting paper to remove excess water from the rugs.
  • Now make a solution of vinegar and water in a proportion of 1:3.
  • Run a patch test before applying the solution to the stains.
  • If the solution works, apply it to the stains and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • Scrub the solution on the stains gently and rinse it.
  • Let the rugs dry naturally.

Tips for Caring for Persian and Oriental Rugs

  1. Rotate the Rugs Frequently

It is natural for rugs to wear out with regular use and rug washing Sydney. Make sure to rotate Persian and oriental rugs to extend their lifespan. The even distribution of pressure is necessary for preventing early wear and tear.

  1. Reduce Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight is the worst enemy of your valuable rugs. Excessive heat makes your rug appear discolored and also dries up natural oil. Sunlight exposure weakens the threads of the rugs leading to early damage.

  1. Perform General Cleaning at Home

You must take care of your valuable Persian and oriental rugs by performing rug cleaning Sunshine Coast. Just vacuum them regularly and remove dust and allergens from the surface.

  1. Store Carefully

Storing rugs play an important role in its preservation. The threat of moth attack and mould growth increases, when rugs aren’t stored properly. Always store a clean rug to avoid mould growth. Roll them in plastic sheets and place mothballs inside them.

  1. Seek Professional Help

Availing professional services for rug washing Sydney will help in prolonging its lifespan. Professional cleaning of rugs deeply cleanses the fibers and keeps them safe. Therefore, you must avail expert rug cleaning services at least twice a year.


As of now, you must have understood how precious Persian and Oriental rugs are. The value of these rugs keeps on increasing when they are well-preserved. So, if you are the proud owner of Persian and oriental rugs, make sure to get them cleaned professionally by hiring services for rug cleaning Sunshine Coast!

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