Patrick Wayne Swayze was a multi-talented American actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter. He earned the spotlight gaining fame from playing romantic roles and unexplainably charming TV appearances which resulted in a huge fandom consisting of all ages. 

In 1991, his charm all proved to be true when he was named by the People magazine as its Sexiest Man Alive. If it triggers your curiosity on knowing who this man might be then keep on reading as we will provide you enough information you need to know about him.

Personal Details

Full Name: Patrick Wayne Swayze
Stage Name: Patrick Swayze
Gender: Male
Birthday: Aug 18, 1952 – Sep 14, 2009
Place of Origin: Houston, Texas, U.S.
Age at death: 57 years old
Height: 5’10” ft
Weight: 77 Kg
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Status: Married
Wife: Lisa Niemi
Profession: Actor, Dancer, Singer-songwriter
Patrick Swayze Total Net  Worth: $40 million

How Much Patrick Swayze Worth

Early Life

Patrick Wayne Swayze was born on August 18, 1952, in Houston, Texas to Patsy Swayze, a dance instructor, and Jesse Wayne Swayze, an engineering draftsman. He attended several schools such as St. Rose of Lima Catholic School, Oak Forest Elementary School Black Middle School, Waltrip High School, and San Jacinto College Central. 

His early days were full of trials and experimentation. He would try various talents and skills, both artistic and athletic. This includes his ventures to ice skating, classical ballet, acting, football, martial arts before going to New York City, and receiving his formal dance training for ballet.

His extraordinary background with various talents and skills were soon made to good use when he entered the film industry.

Patrick Swayze Career

Patrick is an acclaimed versatile artist just as when he entered the beginning of his career. He soon landed on his first opportunity with Disney on Parade, followed by his role in the Broadway Production, Grease. He was receiving so much praise and acknowledgment by those who were in the industry for quite some time; it rather helped his venture to star in several films that were made for him. 

After several years, Swayze made his first film debut with Skatetown as the lead role. He gradually solidified his name when he took on the 1983 film, The Outsiders which he worked on alongside rising prolific stars, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, and Tom Cruise. 

He also made it a fact that low-budget films can and will make it to the spotlight when he starred on Dirty Dancing which surprisingly became a huge hit and even gained international success. 

Swayze kept piling up successes and fortunes until he lost the fight he was fighting with despite trying every treatment for his pancreatic cancer. Swayze quoted in one of his speeches that he hoped the word cure would not be followed by impossible anymore and those fighting a battle with such an incurable disease will not live in fear because they were diagnosed as such.

Personal Life 

In June 1975, Swayze married his one and only wife Lisa Niemi until his death in January 2009 for 34 years. The couple did not have a child but it was revealed that Lisa had suffered one miscarriage.

Swayze also suffered from alcoholism way back in the 1990s where he voluntarily sent himself to a rehabilitation center which he was forced to take some time off from show business to focus on his recovery. In the meantime, he retreated to breeding his Arabian horses in California and Las Vegas. His best-known horse was a beautiful chestnut Arabian stallion called Tammen.

Swayze was also involved in a commotion where he flew from Van Nuys, California, to Las Vegas, New Mexico when his plane developed a pressurization problem causing him to land on a housing complex in Prescott Valley, Arizona. He came off the plane looking intoxicated which the police thought he was heavily navigating through the course with wine and beers on the side only to discover that Swayze actually suffered from hypoxia due to the cumulative effects of carbon monoxide from engine exhaust by-products.

Approaching the end of 2007, Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was admitted to Stanford University Medical Center for chemotherapy and treatment.

Although he faced the struggle of being in and out of the hospital, receiving treatment and diagnosis, he still continued to pursue his career. Sooner news would be filled with reports about his health yet he would claim otherwise. He also appeared on national TV in front of many to speak about his viewpoint on the cancer-related issues and to encourage any grateful heart to have the initiative to donate and give hope to those who are struggling with the disease. 

Almost two years passed, he left the world as a fighter who was not afraid to take on and tackle a man’s greatest fear of meeting – death. His ashes were scattered in his ranches.

Achievement and Awards

Over the course of his career, Swayze received multiple awards and nominations for his TV appearances and films. He garnered over 12 nominations including three Golden Globe award nominations for Best Lead Actor in a Motion Picture, five Bravo Otto awards for Best Actor, and more. He was able to receive the prestige of being the Best Foreign Television Personality – Male Category, BMI Film & TV award for the Most Performed Song, as well as claiming the Houston Film Critics Society award, Lifetime Achievement award, and more.

Patrick Swayze Net Worth

Swayze has a net worth of $40 million at the time of his death. This was due to the fortunes he makes from his roles in films, TV appearances, endorsement deals, and more.

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