This is usually the time of year when people emerge from the human version of hibernation to rejoin the outdoor world. Unfortunately, many of them wake up to the realization that their home and property is severely cluttered, disorganized, and needs some serious attention. This is where we get the term “spring cleaning”.

Although many people speak about the interior of their home or residence when discussing this, the fact is that your outdoor property probably needs it even worse. This is because of the neglect, cold weather, and other elements it is exposed to during the winter months. It often includes quite a bit of yard care, as well as several other chores.

However, the purpose of today’s post isn’t about covering all of the different kinds of cleaning and organizing that accompanies this time of year. For this topic we want to look more closely at a very specific task; tidying up your patio or deck without taking up a bunch of your free space.

This can be a very tricky chore, due to the fact that many times the items that are lying around and cluttering it up are larger and need a spacious area to be put away in. Gardening tools, planting pots, outdoor seating areas, grills, and many other accessories find themselves all over people’s deck and patio spaces.

So, how can you organize your outdoor area with as little effort and expense as possible? We’re glad you asked. Here are 3 simple but very helpful suggestions that will allow you to keep your patio/deck organized, de-cluttered, and looking good:

Patio Storage Ideas

Reorganize Your Garage or Tool Shed

This is the one that most people go to first when they are looking to clear off their deck or patio and create more room. Most of the things that you typically have in your outdoor areas are things that can be stored in the garage anyway if you have a place for them. This is also a great time to throw out any damaged, broken or unused items that you know you won’t be in need of in the future.

However, many folks may not have room in their garage even after cleaning for the things on their patios or decks. This is where the next option is great not only for patio storage but also for overflow garage storage…

Install a Patio Storage Shed

This can solve a lot of storage and space problems, and not just with the patio. As mentioned, if you get one with enough room, you can also put away excess stuff from your garage, workshop, or any other place where you store items outside.

We recommend one of the most trusted and reliable names on the market; Arrow Storage Products™. They offer several different outdoor storage choices, particularly the Storboss™ and the Shed-in-a-Box®. Both of these storage buildings are made of high-quality materials and easy-to-assemble parts. Some of these storage sheds can be found on the ShelterLogic website.

Transform the Area With Converted Bookshelves

If you are looking for something to store smaller items in while still keeping them on the patio and easy-to-access, converting bookshelves into benches can definitely do the trick. With bookshelves, all you have to do is lay them on their side, place some type of decorative fabric or another cover over it to hide the items inside, and you not only have a unique storage option but also a place to sit.

Build an Under the Deck Storage Area

If you are lucky enough to have a deck in your backyard then you probably can take advantage of the space underneath it. Most decks have a somewhat raised foundation to them and the space under makes for excellent storage.

Since you can use the deck as the top part of the storage and your home as the back you only need to build two sides and front access panel. Underneath deck storage is a great place to store toys and extra backyard games and furniture you don’t want out all the time. Install an underdeck drainage system to protect your valuables from moisture and mildew. Underdeck drains are usually made of plastic, aluminum, or PVC for easy installation.

No matter what storage situation you choose to go with having the extra room when you need it is always a plus. When you have more storage space available it frees up your home and garage from being cluttered.

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