Owen Bartlett Hubbell is the son of Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell. Bartlett is six years old but famous due to her mother’s popularity globally. Out of his brothers, Owen is the youngest and bold. Owen Bartlett appears in most of his mom’s social media posts.

According to her mother, Bartlett is the funniest of her sons and makes the house enjoyable. So, in this article, we will cover Owen Bartlett Hubbell.

Personal Information

Birth Name: Owen Bartlett Hubbell

Date of Birth: 11th February 2016

Age: 6 years old

Sibling: 1 (Elijah)

Parents: Heather Morris and Taylor Hubbell

Grandparent: Randolf Bruce Morris

Early Life of Owen Bartlett Hubbell

11th February 2016 is when Owen Bartlett was born. After his birth Heather Morris (his mother) posted a picture with his son on Instagram on 12th February 2016. The image shows a one-day Owen, and he was sleeping.

On Twitter, his mother said, “Owen Bartlett Hubbell 7 lbs. 3oz born 2.11.16…I can’t tell you how amazing an experience to go…” Heather received many congratulatory messages on her social media timeline.

According to her mother, Owen is six years and is the most active.

About Heather Morris “Owen Bartlett Hubbell’s Mother”

Heather Morris is the mother of Owen. She was born on 1st February 1987 in Ventura County, California. Morris is an actress, singer, model, and dancer. She has been in these professions actively since 2006 till now.

She has two children and married Taylor Hubbell in 2015. Her first appearance in the film industry was in 2006 when she featured on “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 2. Owen Bartlett Hubbell’s mother went ahead to act in many other films and Tv shows.

During this time, she has won three awards, three in 2010. The first was an outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series by Screen Actors Guild Awards. Her second award was as a future classic by TV Land Awards.

Heather Morris is worth $4 million.

Taylor Hubbell “Dad to Owen Bartlett”

Taylor was born on 19th October 1987, the same year as his wife, Heather. His place of birth was in Scottsdale, Arizona. Taylor married Heather in 2015, and they have two sons, Elijah, and Owen.

Elijah is eight years old, born in September 2013, while Owen is six years old. Taylor and Heather studied in the same high school, but later, he went to the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

However, while in high school, the two didn’t know each other. Furthermore, Taylor Hubbell is worth $11 million as per online reports.

Owen Bartlett Hubbell Social Media Life

Heather has said that Owen is more active than Elijah. He is funny and makes their household laugh.

Owen Bartlett is active on social media (his mom’s) and appeared on her timeline on various occasions. In 2018 Owen went to the We All Play Fundraiser. Heather and Owen went to National Donut Day on 2nd June 2017. Morris posted a photo of them on her Instagram account.


This is all we had for you about Owen Bartlett Hubbell and his family. For more information, we will update this article as days go by. Thank you for reading.

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