Olga Anne Jacobs belongs to one of those families that is world famous today. Yes, she hails from the DiCaprio family. The household name of Hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio, is the grandson of Olga Anne Jacobs. Though Olga Anne Jacobs died decades ago, her name is alive even today.

So, today let’s dig a bit deeper and find out some never-told details about her such as her childhood, personal life, education, work, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Olga Anne Jacobs was born on 23rd December 1904 in Germany to Paul Jacobs and Bertha Jacobs. Her nationality is not really sure but we do believe that she was a German. After living a happy life for 79 years, she took her last breath on 16th may 1984 in Los Angeles California USA. Speaking of the married life of Olga Anne Jacobs, she got married to George Leon Dicaprio. The couple led a happy married life and remained together till the death of George in 1965.

Parents and siblings

Olga Anne Jacobs was the darling daughter of Paul Jacobs and Bertha Jacobs. Besides the name of her parents there is not much information available on them. Not even their marriage year and their profession is known. If you talk about the siblings of Olga Anne Jacobs, this is again an untold topic to the public. Olga Anne Jacobs was alive centuries ago. Given the fact there is not much information available about her personal life.


With her marriage to Leon Dicaprio, Olga Anne Jacobs had one child named George Paul DiCaprio, who is a popular American actor, publisher, and artist. Her grandson Leonardo DiCaprio, the son of George Dicaprio, is a big name in Hollywood. You would definitely know it.

Education and profession

With the fact that there is not much information available on the childhood of Olga Anne Jacobs, her education is not really known to the public. If you talk about her profession, the same goes for it too. Neither the lady nor her son or grandson have never disclosed her profession.

Reason for the popularity of Olga Anne Jacobs

Of course, the reason for the popularity of Olga Anne Jacobs is her son and then her grandson. Her son, George Dicaprio,  is an American writer and actor. If we talk about her grandson, Leonardo DiCaprio, he is one of the biggest Hollywood actors. In fact, he is the main reason for the popularity of Olga Anne Jacobs.

Net worth of Olga Anne Jacobs

As you already know that the profession of Olga Anne Jacobs is not known, we can’t really estimate her net worth.  However, one thing is sure that she belongs to a rich family. Her grandson, Leonardo Dicaprio, holds a massive net worth of around 260 million right now.


Olga Anne Jacobs is dead today but her legacy is still alive. All thanks to her grandson, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is making his family popular with his remarkable works.

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