Beauty, brains, and a people person. Just a few words to describe the sensational TV personality Nina Malek Inman Rawls.

Very little is known about Nina Inman’s early life, but she was born around 1971, and her home state is Ohio. She has a brother named George Malek. Nina first came into the limelight in 2002 when she started dating the jazz musician Lou Rawls.

And theirs was sort of like out of a fairytale. Nina Inman and Lou Rawls met on a flight when the former worked as a flight attendant on Continental Airlines. The two lovebirds were romantically involved for two years before officially getting married on New Year’s Day in 2004, at precisely 12.01 am.

The ceremony was held in Memphis after Lou Rawls had finished performing New Year’s show at Liberty Bowl and Peabody Hotel. The wedding was officiated by A. C. Wharton, the Shelby County Mayor, in a small room at the Peabody Hotel. In attendance were Rawls’ Road manager, Nina’s best friend, and guests in the hotel. While the newlyweds didn’t go on a honeymoon immediately, they delayed it to coincide with Lou’s performance that he was scheduled to perform in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The pair was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Aiden Allen Rawls, born on 10th January 2005 in Akron, Ohio. According to AZ Central, Nina Inman and Lou Rawls used in vitro fertilization and a surrogate. Lou, however, had kids from his previous marriage: Kendra Smith, Louanna Rawls, and Lou Rawls Jr., whose mother is Lana Jean Rawls.

The not-so-glam…

What seemed like a picture-perfect marriage turned nasty in the moments leading to Lou Rawls’ death. In 2005, Lou filed to have an annulment to end his two-year marriage to Nina Malek. The R&B singer claimed that Nina had absconded with assets valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were since separated as of September 2005, an acrimonious divorce.

Nina Malek admitted to transferring close to 350,000 dollars into her account. However, she argued that she did so to prevent one of Lou’s daughters, Louanna, from seizing the funds.

Nina Inman and Lou’s daughter Louanna have also not had the best relationship. And they didn’t try to hide it. At one point, Nina claimed that when they were trying to adopt her son Aiden, Louanna attempted to talk her father out of it in a bid to derail the process. The adoption, however, pushed through.

Professional Life

Nina Malek quit her air hostess job before getting married to Lou Rawls. After the death of her ex-husband, Nina Malek Inman decided to host the hour long “2Day2Nite” show. It is broadcasted every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 pm EST on 2Day2Niteshow.com. She co-hosts the show with her brother George Malek and is directed by Harrison Kyle Whitaker and Chris Baldwin.

The revamped version premiered on 15th January 2013 and, within a few weeks, got over 27,000 views globally. Nina said the purpose of her show was to help people unwind and freely talk about anything. It features a lighthearted discussion on topics generated by the audience live via Twitter, email, Skype, Live Chat, Facebook, and over-the-phone interactions. And with the view growing by the week, Nina was born to be a star.

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