Modern society can be particularly cruel to bodies that do not look like the epitome of aesthetic perfection. Barraged with messages about losing weight, bombarded with images of slim, muscular bodies, you probably do not feel particularly confident in your body if you do not fit into straight sizes. A lack of body confidence can result in drastic actions to change how you look, which could negatively impact your physical health in the short and long term.

The truth is that, aside from a few extremely rare cases, your body benefits from some extra fat. You can talk to your doctor about whether you are in need of medical interventions for weight loss, like Ozempic, but in truth, your body is likely functioning perfectly well as it is. Thus, the only thing you need to change is the way you think about your body, which will take diligent attention and action every day.

Whenever you have a negative thought about the way your body looks, you should interrupt it and replace it with a positive thought. With concerted effort, you will be able to reprogram your mental habits and develop confidence and comfort in your own skin. To get you started, here are a few nice things you can think about your body when the need arises:

My Body Is Always Changing

No human body has ever reached a permanent and unchanging state. The body has evolved to respond intelligently to its environment, which means it will change in response to the food you eat, the temperature of the air, the people you are around, the time of day and so much more. These changes are essential for keeping you alive, and that your body does them automatically, without the need for your conscious thought, is nothing short of amazing. Though you might initially be frustrated by your inability to control every aspect of your body, in truth, you should be grateful that your body can change so easily on its own.

I Trust My Body to Tell Me What It Needs

The body is an outstanding example of organic engineering — but no system can function without regular inputs. Your body requires food and water, and to help it receive that, it sends your brain sensations like hunger and thirst. Your body is not trying to trick you; when it sends you those sensations, your body is in need of some critical nutrient. You need to learn to trust the signs and signals sent by your body to work with your body to achieve health.

No One Else in the World Has My Body

The world now has more than 8 billion people, but there is only one you — and you have only one body. You should practice celebrating your body’s utter and total uniqueness, first by recognizing features of your body that you love and then coming to love the features of your body that you do not see in those around you.

My Body Allows Me to Experience Pleasure

It is only through your body that you can experience the things you love. Perhaps you love the taste of ramen; without your body, you would have no way to enjoy the complex and savory broth and noodles. Perhaps you love running or lifting weights; your body is essential in performing those activities, and it must be in good health to do so. Perhaps you love spending time with friends; if your body collapses, you will no longer be able to enjoy activities and events with those you love. To have a good life filled with pleasure, you need a body.

I Have Lived My Entire Life in My Body

While it is popular to believe that your body is your enemy and to punish it relentlessly, the truth is that your body is the only true and unwavering ally you have ever had. You and your body have experienced everything together; you are inextricably linked, and you will be forever. You should cherish the memories you have made in your body and recognize that you would not have the life you do without the body you have.

My Body Is Always Working

While your mind can shut off for a few hours every evening, your body never gets a break. So many systems in your body are always working to keep you alive, and you must become grateful for the exhaustive and thankless work your body achieves every moment. Treating your body well and with respect — by delivering the nutrients it needs — is an excellent way to show gratitude to your body for its hard and endless work.

By no means are these the only nice things you can say to your body. You should consider developing your own nice things that directly target the mean and nasty thoughts that put you at odds with your body. Then, you can come to love and appreciate your body into the future.

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