Who is Misha Louise DeAngelo?

Misha Louise DeAngelo is the daughter of Joseph James DeAngelo, commonly known as the Golden State killer.

Misha was born in 1981. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing known about her. There’s a huge chance that Misha wants to keep her life private, especially since her father is a known criminal.

As of today, Misha is 41 years old. Her exact date of birth is still unknown. It’s also hard to determine what she does for a living or where she’s located today.

Who is Misha Louise DeAngelo’s Father?

Misha Louise DeAngelo’s Father is Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. He’s best known as the Golden State Killer. He is an American burglar, serial rapist, and serial killer.

Joseph was born in Bath, New York on November 8, 1945. His father is a sergeant in the United States Army named Joseph James DeAngelo. On the other hand, his mother is Kathleen Louise DeGroat, a housewife.

According to reports, Joseph witnessed the rape of his 7-year-old sister when he was still a young child. In addition to that, he was also abused by his father while growing up, according to his sister.

In September 1964, Joseph joined the United States Navy. For 22 months, he served during the Vietnam War as a damage control man.

In August 1968, Joseph attended Sierra College in Rocklin, California. He finished school with an associate degree in police science.

Who is Misha Louise DeAngelo’s Mother?

Misha Louise DeAngelo’s mother is a divorce lawyer named Sharon Marie Huddle. Sharon and Joseph got married in November 1973.

After 7 years of their marriage, Joseph and Sharon bought a house in Citrus Heights.

According to reports, Sharon and Joseph had 3 daughters. One of these daughters is Misha Louise DeAngelo.

According to reports, Joseph stop doing his crimes for 5 years after the birth of his first child in 1981.

However, the couple separated in 1991.

However, before Joseph met Sharon, he was engaged to Bonnie Jean Colwell, a nursing student. Joseph met Bonnie because she was his classmate at Sierra College.

The two got engaged in 1970. However, Bonnie decided to break their engagement in 1971 after Joseph became abusive and manipulative.

After breaking up, Joseph threatened Bonnie with a gun in order to force her to marry him.

Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. Criminal Records

As mentioned earlier, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. is the Golden State Killer. He has committed at least 120 burglaries, 51 rapes, and 13 murders throughout California between 1974 and 1986.

According to reports, Joseph committed his first confirmed robbery and rape in 1976. That is 3 years after his marriage to Sharon.

The deputies of the Sacramento County Sheriff arrested DeAngelo on April 24, 2018. That is 42 years after his first confirmed rape and robbery.

Joseph was charged with 8 counts of first-degree murder. On May 10, he was additionally charged with 4 extra counts of first-degree murder.

On August 21, 2020, Joseph received several consecutive life sentences without the chance of parole.

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