Meril Lovelace Lagasse is the daughter of Emeril Lagasse and his wife, Alden Lovelace. Meril, who is around seventeen years enjoys spending time with his family. Meril is the only daughter of the famous chef Emeril Lagasse and his wife Alden, and she was born in 2004. If you are interested in discovering more facts about Meril Lovelace and her family, read this guide!

Meril Lovelace Siblings

Meril Lovelace Lagasse is the lastborn in her family after being born in 2004, and she has two half-sisters and an elder brother. The eldest sibling of Meril is Jillian Lagasse, and is recognized for following her father’s career. Jillian has been keen on food since she was young, helping her to grow her passion in the industry.

Meril’s eldest sister started assisting their father in his book and cooking events to pursue her passion further. Besides cooking, Jillian is also an author who has written several books like Bold Taste and The Lagasse Girls’ Big Flavor. Jillian, Meril’s elder sister, was also featured in the Originals as their makeup artiste, making her name for herself.

The other sibling of Meril Lovelace Lagasse is Jessica, the second born in the family. Jessica is an author and a diet planner who has taken after her father’s passion for cooking. As Jessica grew up, she started to work on gluten-free recipes and came up with her cooking strategies

Emeril John Lagasse is the brother of Meril Lovelace, and he is the first son in the family of chef Lagasse. Like his elder siblings, Emeril John has shown a passion for cooking like his father.

Personal Life of Meril Lovelace Lagasse

Meril is the lastborn in the family of four children, and she has a cute name, simply her father’s name without the first letter. Her parents have not revealed where she is studying or her career plans, but she seems to be a family girl who loves participating in family events.

Meril has been spotted in several events with her parents but is not certain she will join her father in cooking. Moreover, the beautiful young lady is active on social media, where she has managed to get over 346K followers on her Instagram account.

From her several social media handles, she seems to love posting about food. Her posts show that she loves what her father does, like her siblings, and most probably will join the family tradition of specializing in the culinary industry.

Meril Lovelace’s Father

Emeril Lagasse is the father of Meril, a recognized celebrity chef featured in television shows. Besides being a television personality, he has won various awards in the culinary industry. His skills are unmatched, making him a cookbook author and restauranter recognized by many.

Emeril, who took after his father’s career, ventured into cooking after spending many years with him. Although he had a talent in music which earned in a scholarship, he enrolled in university to continue his culinary education.

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