There are some people who enjoy the stardom of their parents. On the other hand, there are some who live the stardom of their kids. Well, Marilyn falls in the second category. She is popular for being the mother of famous American entertainer Shemar Moore. We already know a lot about Shemar, but today let’s dig deeper to learn something new about his mother.

So, go through the article to find out all details such as early education, profession, net worth, personal life, and other information about Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore.

Personal life

Since Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore rose into popularity when her son became successful in his career, there is not any information available about her early life. Her DOB and birthplace are not known. You would not find her parents’ names either. However, her expiry date is known. The mother of the actor-son died on 8 February 2020.

Coming to her personal life, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore’s personal life has not been much smooth. She got married to Sherrod. However, her marriage with Sherrod was not much successful and the couple divorced.

Parents and siblings

If you would look into the details of Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore’s parents, you would hardly find anything. The names, as well as the profession of her parents, are not known to the public. The same goes for her siblings. She might have or not have siblings but it is a mystery to people.


As we already told you, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore is the mother of popular American actor and entertainer Shemar Moore. Marilyn is said to be a single mother. She worked hard to raise her son single-handedly.

Education and profession

The education of the actor’s mother is still an untalked topic to the public. The gorgeous lady has never ever talked about her education. As for the profession, Marilyn was an educator in Denmark for some time. During her lifetime, she changed her residence a couple of times.

Reason for the popularity of Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore

As said above, it’s her son Shemar Moore who made her popular. Today she is dead but she really enjoyed her son’s success during her lifetime. Her son Shemar shared a wonderful bonding with his mother. On his social media handles, we had regularly seen awe-inspiring pictures of this duo.

Net worth of Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore

During her young age, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore worked as an educator. She was certainly a money earner but this money was not sufficient enough to help her accumulate a huge amount. Given the fact, she herself did not have a huge net worth. Nevertheless, she enjoyed good enough luxuriousness in her lifetime. All thanks to the success of her son Shemar, who is a proud owner of around 22 million, as of now.


Being a single mother and raising your son in a good way is never easy. Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore was truly a strong lady who had nailed it perfectly. She herself struggled in her life but made her son a superstar. She was truly a Superwoman.

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