Did you know that the sales of luxury homes increased by almost 42% in 2021? Despite the hits that the economy has taken, people are still interested in living in beautiful spaces.

But what luxury home styles are the rich and stylish swinging for this year? Read on to learn some awesome home styles that look a bit like where your favorite celebs might reside.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have long been considered the height of luxury. They make your home appear larger and give you space to hang gorgeous high-end light fixtures. They also ensure that light can bounce around throughout your space, whether it’s synthetic or natural.

If your goal is to have a home as spacious as your favorite celebrity’s an open floor plan can help you to create that appeal. They also make your home a more open space for hosting events with multiple people.

Sunrooms and Wide Windows

Speaking of natural light, one of the best ways to add luxury to your lifestyle is to create rooms with lots of windows. This not only makes your home look larger but also gets you some vitamin D while in a heated or air-conditioned space.

Sunrooms make for great places to read, work, and exercise during the day. They’re an awesome way to expose yourself to gorgeous rain and snow while staying cozy. Plus, nothing beats sitting under the stars while still sheltered in your own home.

Storybook Styles

Storybook homes are the perfect style for those who want to feel like they’re part of a fairytale. These buildings aren’t precisely antique-looking but are characterized by older European-style aesthetics.

Storybook houses have cobblestone outdoors, unique architecture shapes, and uneven windows and rooftops. If you’re looking to get something super unique and live out your childhood dreams of being royalty, this might be the right home design scheme for you.

Mission Revival Homes

When you consider luxurious buildings, especially those on the West coast, Mission Revival is what you’re thinking of.

These SoCal-style houses have large adobe walls and are painted white. The clay tile adds some natural beauty to the luxurious aesthetic. Combine this with a pool or huge yard and your home is sure to be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Custom-Built Spaces

If you’re planning to swing for a luxury home of your own, a custom space is the perfect way to make it your own. You can add rooms and features as you see fit. Mills Eloge Homes can help you to design a beautiful house that meets your precise vision.

Their talented team will look at the plans for your dream home and do all in their power to turn that dream into a reality. Make sure to have a detailed idea of what you want so that you can give them all the necessary information to achieve perfection.

Beyond Luxury Home Styles

While there are tons of ways that people choose to swim in lavish luxury, getting comfortably beautiful homes is one of the best.

Now that you know about some of the best luxury home styles that the rich and famous love to live in, it’s time to learn more about comfort and opulence. Check out the ‘lifestyle’ tab on our home page for some ideas on how you can upgrade your life ASAP.


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