She is the mother of the famous actress Renata Notni. Not much is known in detail about her life because she lives a private life, unlike her daughter Renata Notni who is famous and well known by people.

Personal life of Liliana Notni

Name: Liliana Notni
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Social Worker
Parents: Unknown
Grandparents: Unknown
Uncle: Unknown
Who is Liliana Notni’s daughter?

Liliana’s daughter is the famous Mexican actress and model Renata Martinez Notni. Notni was born on January 2, 1995 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Growing up, she studied acting at Centro de Educación Artistica in Mexico City, the kids’ division of Televisa’s theatre school, CEA Infantil.

She started paying attention to what she ate and how active she was when she was eight and developed an interest in modelling. She thus participated in various activities throughout high school, such as soccer and lacrosse, and performed in school plays. She honed her acting skills at The Centro de Educacion ARtistica (CEA), where she worked with well-known Mexican actors and actresses.

For her role in Mar de Amor, Renata Notni was nominated for “Best Young Lead Actress” in 2011, but she failed. She did, however, take home the prize in the same category in 2017 for her performance in Sueno de Amor. Without a doubt, Renata Notni is lovely. She is pretty attractive, just like the majority of professional models.

Is Renata Notni married?

Renata Notni is not married, and she is not dating anyone, at least not publicly. The actress previously dated fellow model and actor Diego Amozurrutia, and it is believed that they met and began dating on the set of a telenovela in which they both starred. There are unconfirmed rumours that she had a daughter while dating her ex-boyfriend, but the actress has never confirmed or denied this.

She started seeing the Mexican entrepreneur and businessman Andres Rivero in 2016 after they split up, and the two dated for three years before calling it quits. Rumours surfaced that the breakup resulted from his infidelity, but none of them came forward to confirm this.

She has been dating actor and singer Diego Boneta since April 2021. He is arguably most known for his part in the musical comedy film “Rock of Ages.” Both Renata and Diego keep their personal lives highly quiet. When asked about her romantic life in an interview, Renata replied, “I’m satisfied with my life; that’s all I know.

Who is Liliana Noni’s husband?

Her husband’s name is Alfredo Martinez Guerrero, and they have a son called Hector Martinez Notni, together with Renata Notni, their first child. Renata Notni prefers to keep that aspect of her life private, so she has not revealed any information about her parents to the public or published their images or employment.

Does Renata Notni suffer from any condition?

Renata Notni is not known to suffer from any sickness because she lives a healthy lifestyle. If she suffers from any disease, then it’s not publicly known.

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