One of the popular American rapper Chief Keef’s 10 children is Kimora Sosha Cozart.

Kimora will be 9 years old as of this year, 2022. While her exact date of birth is not yet revealed, Chief Keef announced the birth of his daughter on the internet a while after she was born in 2013.

Although, her birth date might be revealed by Kimora herself when she gets access to her own Instagram or any other social media platform account. Until then, Chief has also resisted putting out her actual date of birth in the world.

About Kimora’s Parents

Kimora was born to Chief Keef and his partner Erica Early, who is supposedly two decades older than him. After finding out about the pregnancy, he allegedly refused any relation with the child until Erica filed a lawsuit against him to submit to a paternity test. The results stated that he was the biological father of Kimora and was later obliged to pay a decided child support amount every month.

However, the lawsuits don’t end there. In June this year, Erica filed a second lawsuit where she claimed that Chief Keef owes her a sum of $500,000 regarding child support payments that he hasn’t yet paid in full.

About Chief Keef

Chief Keith Farell Cozart, better known by his nick & stage name, Chief Keef, was born on the 15th of August, 1995. He gained hype in the early 2010s when the teenage generation of the time, primarily students from Chicago’s south side high school, started listening to his music. He later collaborated with Interscope and signed a contract with them after deciding on an extended bidding war between major label companies.

He gained more fame in the year 2012 after Kanye West, another American rapper, released a remix of one of his hit originals, “I Don’t Like,” a single he produced locally, and it ended up in the Top 20 of Billboard’s rap category.

His popularity grew further after his music genre, Drill rap became famous and more listened to than other genres, and people generally credited his songs ‘I don’t Like’ and ‘Love Sosa’ from his debut album finally for the growth of the genre.

Other Siblings

Kimora has a total of 9 siblings from different mothers. The latest one was a son born in 2019, whose name and other information have not been revealed yet. Although, there have been rumors sparked regarding another child being expected in the Cheif Keef family.

Kimora on Social Media

Kimora does not have any social media accounts as of now. She is not active on Instagram or Twitter, considering she is 9 years old, so it is easy to believe she might have the accounts in a matter of time.

However, Kimora’s dad, Chief Keef himself, is pretty active on his social media platforms. On Instagram, he goes by the username @cheifkeefsosha. So you can check him out!

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