Life has changed a lot in our incredible era of digital technology. Summer is still an incredible time for children to run around in nature.

The world of video games and computer coding is another world they can explore just as freely when they know how to code. Thankfully, the best coding programs offer summer sessions that let kids take a deep dive into an important subject they’ll genuinely have fun learning.

Please read on for more about how it works.

Long Morning or Afternoon Sessions

Usually, most coding programs last an hour or so, and they begin after school. During summer, industry leaders like Real Programming 4 Kids offer longer, three-hour sessions. Kids can opt for the morning or afternoon program.

Children have busy lives, as they should. Some prefer coding in the morning before running off to some other program or activity. Others prefer the reverse, and that’s perfectly fine!

Whatever your child’s schedule is like this summer, they can take long, immersive sessions to absorb the material in weeks instead of months.

Small Classrooms

Everybody learns better when they always have their teacher’s full attention. The leading summer coding camps have a maximum of four students per teacher, so teachers can lavish their focus on everybody without worrying about classroom management issues.

No student should have to compete with their peers to get heard or noticed.

Vital Coding Languages

Ideally, children should learn the most in-demand coding languages so they’re ready for school and perhaps their eventual entry into the workforce. Many jobs across industries open up to people with STEM skills who know how to write code in popular languages.

Look for a program that teaches kids how to use:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Even children as young as seven can learn how to use Python, while more experienced coders will have their hands full learning more advanced techniques within each language as they progress from one to the next.

Making a Game!

Summer is all about fun, and what do kids enjoy more than games? The best summer coding camps revolve around creating a video game children can customize themselves and play with their friends and family.

It’s hard to think of something more motivating — the only thing children enjoy more than playing video games is creating them! Industry-leading coding programs embed gamification concepts into the actual lessons, harnessing the same dynamics that keep kids hooked on playing games to help them learn.

Indeed, coding lessons teach kids crucial math skills, like integers, vectors, and trigonometry. However, they’ll have so much fun with the games that they won’t even realize they’re learning math.

There’s a major difference between plopping your child in front of a screen while they entertain themselves versus in-depth computer coding classes that stimulate and expand their mind. This summer, ensure your child is prepared for tomorrow’s digital world while having fun today by signing them up for online coding lessons.

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