Spring has sprung. The temperatures are warmer and the plants and flowers seem to be coming back to life all around. Unfortunately, the pests are also starting to stir and attempt to make their way into homes to find a good meal and place to nest.

For many homeowners, this means a call to the exterminator or a major purchase of chemical bug sprays and pest repellents. For many homes, these chemicals can be harmful, especially in homes where there are children, pets, or those sensitive to such products. Fortunately, there are natural methods for ridding the home of pests.

Dangers of Pests in the Home

Pests in the home, whether rodents or insects, can create a serious situation. These things can be a nuisance, but they can also bring dangers into the home. Unfortunately, many methods for ridding the home of these pests can be just as dangerous. Fortunately, a safer option is using essential oils for pest control.

Rodents can cause serious damage to the home when they chew through materials to make their nests. This can also leave wiring exposed creating fire risks. Their droppings can contain diseases and they can even promote mold growth. The rodents, themselves, can even carry diseases that can put at risk the household’s pets and children.

Insects are another serious type of pest homes face. Some are just a nuisance, like ants. Some are a nuisance that can carry diseases, like roaches. Some insects can bite and spread bacteria and diseases in this manner. These can include mosquitoes and fleas.

At the first sign of any pest issue, it is a good idea to take action to remove these pests from the home as soon as possible. Once the pests are gone, steps need to be taken to prevent them from returning. Fortunately, there are a variety of essential oils that can help kill and repel many of these pests in a manner that is safe for the entire household.


Peppermint oil is a great option for aiding in the battle against pests in the home. The peppermint plant is a hybrid of the water mint and the spearmint plants. This plant can create an aromatic oil that has been used for cooking and medicine for many generations.

Peppermint oil has been shown to be effective at controlling a variety of pests. It has been shown to kill mites and mosquito larvae. It also has repellent properties to help keep insects away from dogs and cats. This essential oil is also an effective antimicrobial.

In recent studies, peppermint oil has been shown to prevent mosquito bites for at least 150 minutes. This aromatically pleasing oil is the perfect option for preventing mosquitos and even killing the larvae. It is also safe to use directly on the skin. There are even professional exterminating companies that utilize peppermint oil in combination with other products to help aid their pest removal process.

The strong odor of peppermint oil can even be a great repellent against a variety of pests that may invade the home. Roaches, mice, and other potential invaders are affected by the strong scent of peppermint. This can provide a great option for keeping pests out of the home.


Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia. The oil is distilled from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree to create an essential oil that has a long history of use as an antiseptic, repellent, and medicinal purposes. This essential oil has also been studied on its great effects as a pest repellent.

Eucalyptus can be a great option for homes that have been invaded by roaches. Studies have shown that Eucalyptus is toxic to a wide variety of roaches and the strong odor can even prevent them from invading the home. Simply add a few drops of this oil to a spray bottle of water to manage any roach problem.

Eucalyptus oil has also been a great benefit for the fight to reduce the use of pesticides on plants. This can make it the perfect option for home gardens. Not only has the research shown that eucalyptus oil can repel and kill a variety of pests that can harm gardens, but it is also a great option for preventing mold, mildew, wood rot in plants.


Lemongrass is a type of perennial grass found mostly in Asia. It is known for its thick stalks and its lemony aroma. Its oil has natural anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. This alone can help to minimize the destructive trail many pests leave behind, such as mold and disease.

The oil from lemongrass is often considered one of the best repellents of mosquitoes. A diffuser or even applying the lemongrass oil can help minimize mosquitoes outside and even prevent them from entering the home.

Lemongrass is also useful in deterring a variety of other bugs, such as flies, ticks, ants, and gnats. Planting lemongrass around the property or even applying the oil regularly around baseboards and potential entryways can deter rodents from the yard and home. However, this oil is not toxic to these rodents but can prevent them from entering due to the unpleasant odor.

Other Essential Oils

There are many types of essential oils that can aid a home in killing and repelling pests. Some of the more commonly used options can include lavender, any citrus oil, and even cinnamon. In general, these oils are safe and effective for ridding the home of pests without using dangerous chemicals.

Synthetic pest control options have proven to be a destructive option for both humans and the environment. These pesticides are often toxic to humans and pets. These synthetic options do not break down easily and can get into food and water supplies. Insects can even become resistant to these chemical options. This makes them ineffective at preventing pests without removing the harmful effects on the environment.

Natural options have become a needed solution for pest control. Since they are natural, pests are less likely to develop resistance. Many of these essential oils have a quick degradation in the environment. This means that they are less likely to cause damaging pollution. They are also less toxic to humans and pests.

Choosing natural products can help people stay protected from various insects and rodents that can be bothersome or even dangerous without causing harm to household members, their pets, or the environment.

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