Do you know June Wallace Thomson? June was a famous model and activist who graced active from 1974 till she died in 2015. But who was she? Today we inform you about June Wallace Thomson. We will go deeper and tell you details that you didn’t know.

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Personal information of June Wallace Thomson

Name: June Wallace Thomson
Age: 90 years old.
Date of birth: 23rd July 1924
Place of birth: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Died: 9th January 2015 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Spouse: Jack Albertson (m 1952-1981)
Children: Maura Dhu Studi
Grandchild: Kholan Studi
Occupation: Model American activist
Parents: Margaretta Maloney, Peter Smart Thomson
Brother: William Thomson (Wynn)

Background information of June Wallace Thomson

June Wallace Thomson was born on 23, 1924, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. She was the daughter of Margaretta Maloney, an actress, and a singer, while her father was Peter Smart Thomson.

Margaretta Thomson Maloney’s mother was born on 3rd June 1894. She was born in County Dublin, Ireland. She was married to Peter Smart Thomson and had a daughter (June Wallace Thomson) and son, William Thomson.

She died on March 6, 1969, at the age of 74 years old in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, United States,

Occupation of June Wallace Thomson

June began her career as a model, and she later found her calling in writing and activism. She strived to be the change she wanted to see in the world.

She became Miss Subways in 1946 but chose to quit her modeling career and got a job at NBC, writing for television and radio. For her, writing was a hobby and passion, which inspired her to express her actual feeling to the world.

During her work at NBC, she was crowned Miss NBC, which shows how great he was at her job. Many works, but few are recognized which their capabilities.

Education background of June Wallace Thomson

June studied for a Bachelor’s degree in English and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. She later did her Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University.

June also earned a MA in speech and a Ph.D. in speech and communication from UCLA. Due to her love of acting, she earned an MFA from the American Film Institute as a producer.

June Wallace Thomson’s achievements

June formed an import house called Pan America House in Los Angeles with her mother, Margo Thomson.

Due to her studies in painting, she became co-founder of Women’s Strike for Peace in 1960 and Sueo Serizawa.

From 1975 to 1981, June became the first female president of the California Democratic Council. She has served her nation well during her reign as the president.


June married Jack Albertson, also called Harold Albertson, on Halloween, 1952. Her husband was a famous American actor, dancer, and singer. Together they were blessed with one daughter, Maura Dhu Studi.

Her husband passed away in November 1981 due to colon cancer. She later joined her husband on 9th January 2015, leaving behind her daughter and grandchild, Kholan.

June will always be remembered from generation to generation due to her achievements.

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