Jeffrey L. Steininger is a popular YouTuber, makeup artist, and former singer from America. Plus, he is also the owner and founder of the cosmetic company Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He is particularly known for his unique fashion sense. After looking at his picture, you would wonder whether he is a man or a woman. So, here let us tell you that he is a man.

Today, we are here to talk about Jeffrey L. Steininger including his early life, education, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Jeffrey L. Steininger was born on 15th November 1985 in Los Angeles California US to Jeffrey L. Steininger Sr and Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger. According to some sources, his father died when he was just 6 years old. Given the fact, he was raised by his mother solely. If you talk about the love life of Jeffrey L. Steininger, he was in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt from 2015 to 2020. After that, the couple parted ways and the reason for their breakup is still not disclosed to the public.

Parents and siblings

Jeffrey L. Steininger is probably the only son of Jeffrey L. Steininger Sr and Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger. However, it is not confirmed by Jeffrey L. Steininger as well as his mother whether he has any siblings or not. Apart from that there is no information available on the marriage of his parents either. He is said to have been raised by his mother only, as his father died when he was a mere six-year-old kid. If you talk about the profession of his mother, she was probably a model.


Well, as per the available information about him, he does not have any kids right now.

Education and profession

The mother of Jeffrey L. Steininger made sure that he was getting a good education. Jeffrey L. Steininger attended Pacific High school in California to complete high school. After that, he did not pursue his studies because stepped into his makeup and modeling career right after high school. When he was in high school, he discovered his interest and love for makeup products. To pursue his career on the same, he went to Los Angeles and gave wings to his dreams.

Reason for the popularity of Jeffrey L. Steininger

The biggest reason that made Jeffrey L. Steininger from no one to a big celebrity is his YouTube channel ‘jeffreestar’, which has more than 15 million subscribers today. He used his initial popularity very well and diversified his career in multiple fields.

Net worth of Jeffrey L. Steininger

Jeffrey L. Steininger is a successful YouTuber, makeup artist, singer, songwriter as well as founder and CEO of a makeup product company. The interesting thing is that he has gained success in every field. With the fact you can assume how much money he has turned out so far in his career. Well, if we put it in numbers, it is around $200 million.


Jeffrey L. Steininger made his passion his profession and achieved massive success in it too. He indeed has extraordinary talents that are not found in other people.

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