Jakob William Leventhal forged his own identity and became a musician which inspires many of us listening to him

Young life

In an interview, Jakob Leventhal spoke about his young life and where he came from. He comes from a musical family and we think that helps, but he was upset about it. He wanted to do things himself and didn’t want anyone to teach him how to do them, so he didn’t take lessons from anyone to rebel. He started learning guitar and piano when he was 5, and bass and drums when he was 10 or 11. When he started recording the album, he wanted to record something that basically played all the instruments on the album. He is a good bassist, but he doesn’t play bass, and he doesn’t think he’s good enough.

He has always played a lot of music and has always written songs. He has always taken it seriously, but for a long time, he never wanted to be a musician just because my parents were musicians. He has always had different artistic pursuits, a lot he painted and wrote screenplays in high school. And most recently, about a year ago, he was busy getting autographs over the summer and decided he wanted to make a record, so he did. And he thought that’s what he wants to do. Lastly, what was important to him was that his musical success had nothing to do with his parents, but was entirely his own version. It’s okay to write a song, record it, release it, and no one likes it. He doesn’t want someone else’s success to be anything.


John Leventhal, the father of Jakob Leventhal, is a musician, producer, songwriter and recording engineer who has produced many popular albums for William bell, Alabama’s Blind Boys, Michelle Branch, Rosanne Cash, Marc Cohn, Sarah Jarosz, Shawn Calvin, Rodney Crowell, Joan Osborne, Jim Lauderdale, the wreckers and Loudon Wainwright III. Till now, he has won six Grammy awards in total.

Rosanne Cash, the mother of Jakob Leventhal, is also an American singer and songwriter. Her music draws on many genres although she is recognised as a country artist. Her music includes pop, folk, blues, rock and most notable Americana. In the 1980s she started creating genre-crossing strings which got included both in the country as well as in pop. In 1981 her breakthrough hit, Seven Year Ache was released and it was her first commercially successful work, this song topped the country as well as the top 30 pop chart. She was earlier married to music singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell. They got engaged in 1979 and had three daughters, Caitlin, Chelsea and Carrie but eventually got divorced in 1992. Later, she married John Leventhal, her second husband in 1995 and had a son, Jakob.


Raised in a musical family in New York City, Jakob Leventhal has forged a unique artist career. He is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been writing and composing songs for a decade. This leads to Jacob’s debut in his album Oh, So Bittersweet! due out next month.

The second single, Neckties and Suicides, tells the story of loneliness, brutally ended relationships and the feeling of being swallowed up by the city you call home. Leventhal asks if others feel as alone as he does. His style of music and storytelling mirrors the skills of Elliott Smith and Andy Shauf, alongside sounds from The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Father John Misty, and others, to depict nights of personal trauma and passion.


He is 20 years old as of 2022 and by seeing his current work he appears to be enthusiastic about music. He has already released some albums, which you can find on different music apps. Music is in his blood as his mother and father both have earned fame in these fields but Jakob is all set to create his own name rather than be known for his parent’s work.

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