It is hard to imagine a functioning world without the use of the internet and smartphones. People not only access these gadgets for functionality purposes but also for recreational use. This excessive use of smartphones provides contemporary artists to reach a large audience base and create a brand for themselves.

Over the past few years, the term intellectual property, also known as IP, has become really popular. So, what exactly is intellectual property, and how can you protect the same? Continue reading the article to know more on the same topic.

What is Intellectual Right:

Intellectual property is a broader term that can comprise music, the storyline of a TV series, a process of making a product, or a scientific formula.

Anything worth protecting and unique can be your intellectual property. Big corporations pay large amounts of money to protect their IP from being stolen, but if something happens to the contrary, one may face severe consequences for violating cyber laws.

  • To put it in simple terms, suppose you create music and publish it online on your YouTube channel. A year later, you find the same music played out on the silver screen without your consent or knowledge. Now, you have the full right to file a case against the music producer for stealing your IP. You may contact an experienced lawyer to get the recognition you deserve.
  • On the other hand, you might find yourself in a difficult position if you somehow take inspiration from someone else’s artwork without their knowledge. Stealing one’s intellectual properties may land you behind the bars. For people living in California, an easy way to get out of jail is to opt for the most affordable bail bonds at Huntington Beach. You may pay a minimal bond fee and get out of jail to prepare yourself for the trial.

Types of IP:

There are mainly four types of intellectual property that you should be concerned about. You should learn more about each of the separate aspects to know your rights to protect your intellectual property.

  • Copyrights: Copyright is mainly used to protect one’s artistic rights. Books, music, movies, and songs are generally copyright protected. You cannot just take a piece of writing, already published and put your name on it to make your own. One who has the copyright to publish a book can only publish and reprint the same. You don’t need to register your material to hold copyrights. Illegal selling, distribution, or use of such material will cause copyright infringement.
  • Trademark: These are names, phrases, symbols, and more that are one of a kind. Beyoncé has trademarked her name so that no one can use it for financial gain. Similarly, all big and small firms have trademarked logos, and any unauthorized use of the same will result in a lawsuit.
  • Patent: Patent on a product or strategy provides one with an exclusive right to use the same. Anyone without the patent cannot duplicate and profit from the material. Patents usually last for 20 years. People can apply to you to license their products once you patent your original product idea.
  • Trade Secret: Similar to a patent, the trade secret, as the name suggests, can be some data, formula, or other vital documents. These trade secrets are covered by state law instead of federal law.

Now that you know the value of your intellectual property, make sure no one takes advantage of your work, and be careful before infringing on other people’s rights.

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