With businesses moving back to their average pace, the load of operations is more than ever. Stricter delivery deadlines and more pressure are the new normal. Businesses today have one question that is the most common amidst the new normal. “Should I hire more in-house resources or expand my team? What is the solution?”

On the other hand, product-based businesses are a compulsion to retain their existing customers and provide them with quality services. All this confusion has companies confused between investing efforts, time, and energy, to either develop a product or focus on their core operations.

Considering an overview of the entire situation, ‘Outsourcing’ is the best possible solution that businesses should adopt in the post-covid era.

Outsourcing product development allows organizations to tap the expertise of companies with experience in developing well-honed systems to manage multiple aspects of a business.

Hiring In-house Talents Vs Outsourcing Software Development: Primary Differences

Outsourcing software development can vary from including an extra development resource to fill the spot for an individual developer or develop an entire project.

When organizations consider hiring more in-house resources, there are several hurdles in the process. To begin with, HR needs time to find the ideal in-house candidate that would suit the job role and be a valued addition to the team. Further, the stiff deadlines to deliver and meet industry standards can be a significant drawback for your operations and customer satisfaction.

Further, freeing up your internal resources to take over new projects while maintaining the existing business priorities, processes, and services can still be a task at hand.

However, Outsourcing product development is entirely different. It allows your organization to set a dedicated time, budget, and deliverables with your outsource partner. Here, the outsourced development partner manages everything from planning to deliver a market-ready product, allowing you to focus on the final outcome.

Now that we know the major differences between hiring and going for an outsourced project development partner let’s explore some other advantages of project outsourcing.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Product Development: How it helps Your Organization

  • Saves costs over Training and Recruitment:

Hiring an in-house development team incurs several costs, starting from the costs of picking applicants to their training and overheads related to additional grants, vacations, and workplace facilities that need to be provided.

However, by outsourcing projects to a dedicated development team, companies enjoy access to a top pool of global talents. This way, they get access to vast experience without having to incur huge expenses in opting for full-time individual specialists.

  • Saves time for operations:

Opting for outsourcing developers allows organizations to cut off the time that they would spend on looking for the ideal candidates. On average, hiring the right skill for different phases of a project and completing it can take up to several months.

On the other hand, outsourcing allows your team to focus on core business operations like customer services, updates, adding features, and nurturing healthy customer relations. When compared, outsourcing saves you up to 50 per cent of the total required time for a project.

  • Flexibility and Scalability:

When you decide to go for in-house production, it might be a challenge to either scale up or execute operations seamlessly. Moreover, the size of the team can also be a problem when you are running low on projects that need to be completed. While it takes a big or small team to realize the software you envision, the operations are not so flexible for in-house teams.

However, you don’t need to think of such factors when outsourcing. You can easily upscale or decrease the size of your team as and when the need for a unique skill is required.

Outsourcing allows flexibility at operations via:

  • Established channels of communication
  • Proven methods of work
  • Experienced and interchangeable workers


  • Businesses can outsource part of the development process.
  • Your organization can opt for different product developers.
  • In-house teams can be an expensive affair for long-term development.
  • Outsourcing saves you up to 50% of the total development time.

Ready to Outsource your Projects?

From hiring to developing a portion of the entire project, outsourcing provides businesses with unique possibilities. In the post-covid era where retaining customers and improvising services is the cornerstone to success, outsourcing product development partner is the essence of modern businesses.

Time to re-engineer your business!

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