Imani Shekinah Knox is the child of Shanice and Flex Alexander. Born on 23rd August 2001, she is a popular figure. Today we will be covering Imani and her family.

Furthermore, dating has become a regular thing in this generation. This is as teenagers realize the meaning of dating, unlike before, but to Imani, this is not the case.

Now the young lady is single and trying to build a future.

Personal information of Imani Shekinah Knox

Name: Imani Shekinah Knox

Age: 20 years old

Date of birth: 23 August 2001

Place of birth: United States of America

Occupation: celebrity kid

Parents: Shanice, Flex Alexander

Brothers: Elijah Alexander

Grandparents: Alethia Knox, Robert Whitehead, Crystal Wilson, Carl Black

Is Imani Shekinah Knox on the family show base?

The parents of Imani, Shanice Wilson, and Flex Alexander Knox currently have a reality series of their OWN on which the daughter acts along with them.

This has exposed her to fame, but since she is just starting, we wish her the best in this career journey, which will have many challenges.

Education background of Imani Shekinah Knox

After being born, every child has the right to basic needs; education is part of the necessity. We believe that Imani has gained access to this crucial necessity.

The information about which school was attended is currently kept private, but once it is provided, we shall update it.

About Imani Shekinah Knox

Being the first child Shanice Wilson and Flex Alexander Knox were born on 31 August 2001 in the United States of America.

She celebrates her birthday every year in the company of family and close friends.

When did Imani Shekinah Knox start acting?

At the age of four, she was enrolled in dancing lessons and learned; jazz, hip hop, and ballet.

During kindergarten studies, she showed interest in acting and was given minor roles to play in school.

She started acting at a tender age, which made her well opposed to the acting industry, unlike children of her generation who only knew to play at that time.

What are Imani Shekinah Knox’s measurements?

Having a passion for modeling, the fashion industry, and acting makes us believe that her body and facial feature are exceptional. She is a beauty.

The height measurement is approximately 5fts 5inches tall, and the weight is approximately 53-55kgs.

This shows that the young lady is watching her body, hence physically fit.

About Imani Shekinah Knox’s parents

The couples are famous in the entertainment industry and loved by their fans.

Flex Alexander is a famous actor, dancer, and comedian. He is popular due to his reality show with his wife, known as Flex and Shanice

Her mother, Shanice Wilson, is a singer and songwriter and still venturing into an acting career at the same time.

About Imani Shekinah Knox’s brother

Elijah Knox, the younger and only brother, has followed in his family’s footsteps like his older sister. He loves acting and singing.


Having a parent as a role model is the best feeling ever. Imani is blessed to have parents who support and create a clear path for her career growth.

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