Do you love racing? If the answer is yes, you must watch hyperdrive season one. This movie tells more about racing while using different brands of vehicles.

After the release of season one, fans are left wondering if there will be a season renewal. Currently, Netflix has not disclosed any information regarding the renewal or cancellation of this car racing series so let us be patient and optimistic about the second renewal.

This article will help to give more information about the trailer and release dates regarding hyperdrive season two. Stay tuned till the end.

What is Hyperdrive about?

The series is about 28 international competitors driving around a race track and the ability to navigate specific obstacles and try maneuvers on a custom-made “hyperdrive” course. Throughout the season, the number of competitors is dropped to six. The six competitors face each other, and the winner among them is declared the Hyperdrive champion.

The drive is described as the American Ninja Warrior meets “Fast and Furious” by Charlize Theron, the executive producer. The original series on Netflix allows elite street racers in supercharged custom cars to test their limits. The driver goes through the biggest automotive obstacle course ever built and tries to defeat it.

Viewers are staged on the edge of their seats as they try to determine which racer will complete the dangerous move, but the backstories of the competitors’ will cause one to bawl eyes out,” according to Theron.

The last episode of the series was aired on August 21, 2019. Fans have been left expecting more after the season finale. The answer to the question of when the renewal of the second season will occur remains a mystery since there is no official announcement.

Release date of Hyperdrive season two

Netflix has not disclosed any information regarding either the renewal or cancelation of this series. We are still waiting for any official update on the same, and once the information is out, an update will be made.

This drive series has eight episodes aired on Netflix, leaving many car racers in awe and expecting more from the following season. The series brought both pro-Am and amateur competitors a chance to shine on the global stage. The series tested talent and tuning effect, which has attracted both the car and non-car racers.

Trailer of hyperdrive season 2

Netflix has aired the first season of the series and still has the first trailer. Regarding the second season, the trailer is still unavailable and will be aired one month before the grant release of the second season. The first season is still available, so if you haven’t watched it, sit down and spare some time to enjoy this series.


It is great to watch this thrilling series for the car racers and non-car racers. It will make you one love and check which car is best for racing occasions. Thanks for the time, and stay tuned for future updates.

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