Trends come and go in the horticulture industry. But one that we have seen last quite a few years now is keeping houseplants. This is something that boomed during the pandemic and people wanted to keep busy in the house. This meant that growing and taking care of houseplants became a hobby.

Since then, houseplants have continued to be popular with homeowners. People have learned how good they can be for the home and not just how rewarding it can be watching them grow. This includes improving the air inside the house, as well as adding colour and life to a room. The most popular houseplants right now include flowering varieties, as well as succulents.

Is your garden centre taking advantage of this trend? There is a lot of money that can be made in the houseplant market. Here is how you can meet the demand and give homeowners what they want.

Buy From a Horticultural Wholesaler

First of all, there are three things you want to do for customers. First, you want to offer them the products they want. Then, you want to give customers competitive prices. Thirdly, you should make shopping easy for homeowners. This means giving them all the supplies they need in one place. Altogether, this is going to create a positive shopping experience.

So, how can you do all of these things? Well, you can purchase all of the horticultural supplies from a reputable wholesaler. This is going to have a lot of benefits for your garden centre that you can then pass on to your customers. For instance, you can shop online at Dejex. They are a horticultural wholesaler with years of experience and a helpful team that are always on hand to assist you. Let’s look at reasons why you should purchase from an experienced wholesaler like them.

You Get Affordable Prices

If you are any business, it is recommended that you get your suppliers from a wholesaler. This is the best way to access good prices. Since you are purchasing in bulk, you can get items cheaper. You are not paying retail prices. Thus, your garden centre can buy popular products that you know people want. Then, when you are able to get good prices, you can make sure they are affordable for customers and still enjoy making a profit. Everyone wins and gets something out of it.

Have A lot of Products in Stock

Another good thing about purchasing horticultural suppliers from a wholesaler is that you are going to be buying products in bulk. Yes, this is how you access great prices. But, it also means that customers can enjoy better stock levels from your garden centre. Indeed, houseplants are popular and people want to purchase all of the care products to help them grow and thrive. So, when you purchase in bulk, you are going to have good stock levels that meet the demand. Customers are going to be happy and come back to your garden centre.

Gather a Range of Quality Brands

When you choose a horticultural wholesaler, you know that they special in everything to do with plants and crops. In other words, they are going to offer you the best brands. Indeed, this is something that you want your garden centre to stock so that you can impress customers. You want to give them quality products so that they can look after their houseplants and even take up more gardening activities. You can trust an experienced horticultural wholesaler to have all of the best brands in one place.

Popular Items Related to Houseplants

So, what type of products are homeowners looking for when it comes to houseplants? Well, there are a variety of items you can consider stocking. Of course, you can start by offering a good variety of houseplants. Then, you can move on to all of the accessories. For instance, there is always going to be a demand for plant pots. The houseplants are going to grow and pots are something people will have to buy all the time to accommodate this growth.

In addition, there are feeds and fertilisers that are going to help houseplants thrive. A lot of homeowners want to see their houseplants growing and flowering. So, they are going to be willing to buy and frequently one of these products. This also applies to other items that will help their plants grow, such as support stakes, netting and other accessories.

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