Any gift- for a man, woman, child- looks more interesting and solid if it is beautifully wrapped, decorated with a ribbon, or other decor. There are also more modern ideas- basket, boxes, bouquets, compositions.

What is the best way to pack a gift- with your own hands or with the help of a professional? What styles are trending now? The answers to all your questions are here in this article.

How to properly wrap a gift in gift paper?

Beautiful paper with a thematic print is a classic and timeless solution. The main thing is to choose the right design and do the job carefully. Numerous master classes, of which there are many freely available on the internet, will help this.

Do you need a bow? It was once a required attribute, but now many decorators are abandoning it. Instead of a bow, you can use a live or decorative twig, flower, cotton box, or dried flowers. You can entrust the work to a specialist or try to do it yourself. Even if it doesn’t work out perfectly, the process will surely give you pleasure, and the gifted person will appreciate your impulse.

Boxes, basket, and boxes- use wisely

Decorations know how a gorgeous gift can be assembled out of nothing: you just need to pack it beautifully in a stylish box or basket. This is how you can arrange champagne and sweets, cosmetics, stationery, and even socks if you roll them up into “buds”. To make the container look visually full, you can put paper or sisal fille underneath.

How to pack a gift in an original way

If you are preparing to present a person with a good sense of humor or progressive views, then you can give free rein to creativity and come up with something original:

  • The packaging is one, the contents are different. For example, you give a frying pan, a person unpacks it, and inside there is a brand new smartphone or a ring in a box. The most desperate can do the opposite- put a magnet in a gadget box, but a person’s reaction to such a surprise can be unpredictable.
  • Use a live plant instead of packing, hang a ring on a branch of a mini-tree.
  • Take a glass jar and put the present inside. For example, you can layer ingredients for homemade cookies and hang a recipe on the neck.
  • Wrap the item in many layers of paper, just make sure it is valuable enough so that the person does their best.
  • Balloon. A balloon with helium, both transplant and colored, is an interesting way to wrap a small gift without paper or a box, and you can make sure several balloons and pop them one at a time. In what exactly is the souvenir, you have to find out empirically.

Gift bags.

The most budgetary and commonplace option is a plastic bag. True, there is one life hack: order the paper gift bags with handles and your company logo, and then they will look decent.

A more advanced option is paper gift bags. The same rule is applied here: individual design always looks more expensive and stylish than ready-made options.

In recent years, the idea of ​​using not disposable bags, but paper gift bags eco-bags has been gaining popularity… When they complete the main task, they can be used for shopping, going to the gym, and trips to the beach.

How you can package your gift in an environmentally friendly way

After each New Year’s season, tons of wrapping paper is sent to landfills. Is it possible to somehow reduce this flow? Of course, with a little imagination and creativity. For example, wrap a box in:

  • Old cards or notes;
  • A piece of fabric or a scarf, which will then be useful in a wardrobe;
  • A basket or box that can be used in everyday life;
  • Kraft paper- it costs a penny, is sold in craft stores, and is even given away free of charge from construction departments for shoppers to wrap their purchases in.

If you don’t have time for creativity, just buy paper gift bags with handles without a glossy sheen: it is recyclable and decomposes in a few months under natural conditions.

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