Should I get a dog? This is a question that all animal lovers will probably ask themselves at one point or another. It might seem like  there would be an easy answer here (who doesn’t love dogs, after all?) but for some people, getting a dog is either not going to be the right choice or is going to be a more complicated choice than they realise.

So, should you get a dog? And if so, what kind of dog should you be looking for?

Would your life suit a dog?

Ask yourself the following questions and if the answer is no to any of them then you probably shouldn’t get a dog:-

  • Do I spend most of my day at home or is there always going to be someone at home with no longer periods of 3 or 4 hours of the home being empty?
  • Can I afford to look after another member of the family, including healthcare bills and food?
  • Am I committed to spending at least the next 10 years of my life as the most important thing in the life of another sentient creature?

Choosing your breed

The great thing about dogs is that there are so many different breeds to choose from and they all have their own unique traits and quirks. According to the no win no fee experts at the National Accident Helpline, the nation’s most comforting dog breed is the Labrador retriever, followed closely by the cockapoo. However, these are both quite expensive, pedigree dogs that won’t be the right fit for everyone. You could also get a belgian malinois protection dog for sale for they can easily be trained plus they are also smart and protective.

Pedigree dogs might be more desirable but they are more likely to suffer from serious medical conditions and have shorter lives, on average, than cross-breed dogs. Honestly, for many owners, the best choice might be to take a visit to your local rescue shelter, as it will be packed full of cross-breed dogs looking for their forever homes.

Active or sedentary

Do you want a dog that’s going to snuggle up on the sofa with you after a long day or a dog you can take with you on your run and then to the pub afterwards?  Whatever your lifestyle, there’s a dog out there for you. Certain dog breeds such as Boxers, Spaniels and Collies absolutely love to run and will happily be a running buddy for you.

On the other hand, dogs like Pugs, Poodles and Labradoodles will love nothing more than to spend the day snuggled up doing next to nothing. Greyhounds too, oddly enough, are some of the laziest dogs you’ll ever meet. Also, take age into account.

A puppy might seem fun but will be a LOT of work and only suitable for active households. Sometimes it might be better to adopt an older dog that wants to retire in peace. Either way, remember that a dog is for life, not just for pandemics and presents!

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