Many of us prefer 9 to 5 jobs rather than hustling as it offers fixed compensation, privileged or earned leaves, a permanent role without risk and an on-time salary. In contrast, a few of us aim high and aspire to make a difference in our lives by choosing to become an entrepreneur or a business leader.

The path of an aspiring business leader is full of risk, hustle and challenges. It requires a deep understanding and core knowledge of business fundamentals. An ambitious professional can take on business administration programs to obtain business acumen. Click here to learn more about the business administration programs.

Key takeaways from business administration major

  • The business administration program is beneficial in the holistic development of an aspirant.
  • The program provides an insight into the fundamentals of business and teaches to run and manage a business successfully.
  • As the program is internationally accredited, it makes you employable on a global scale.
  • The program is beneficial in achieving organizational goals by helping you make critical decisions.

But, how would you know if the business administration program is the right fit for you? Let us know in this article ahead.

Do you have what it takes to pursue a business administration program?

  • You want to explore various career options: Studying a business administration program opens innumerable career prospects and provides you several opportunities for career advancement. Students with a business administration degree can make their career in various fields, such as International Business (IB), Human Resources (HR), Finance, Operations Management, Accounting or Marketing.
  • You are curious about learning new things: As the program is industry-focused, aspiring professionals with lots of curiosity in diverse fields will gain opportunities to learn new things. Individuals will get chances to learn and inculcate new skills. The program will also add value to your life.
  • You are willing to start a business of your own: Many people believe that they are not made for these 9 to 5 jobs, thus wish to start something of their own. For such people who are willing to acquire business skills and understand the workings of the real business world, the business management course is an excellent launchpad for the career.
  • You like meeting numerous people from diverse backgrounds: If you are passionate about meeting new people, you will love this program and its career prospects. People from diverse backgrounds come together to work and share their ideas with others. The program also provides the opportunity to learn the languages, cultures, and traditions of other people, which benefits individuals in the long run.
  • You instill leadership skills: For running a business, an individual must possess leadership skills to lead or manage a team or the company. If you are a good listener, decisive, have a problem-solving attitude, and make crucial decisions in adverse situations, this major is the right fit for you.

If you possess any of these qualities, it’s the right time for you to enroll in the business management program. Attaining a top business school in Canada can increase the weightage of your resume.

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