Seasoned gardeners will know there’s no better feeling than taking in the beauty of a garden you’ve cultivated and grown. Smelling those fragrant flowers in spring and harvesting veggies from your vegetable patch is unbeatable.

On the flip side, common garden pests can quickly ruin a harvest and snub out your gardening efforts overnight. If you suspect that your garden might be prey to pesky pets, these 6 handy tips should help in preventing and treating pest outbreaks.

1. Know Which Pests Target Your Plants 

If possible, before you undertake any gardening projects you should know which pests are most likely to target what you’re planting. Some creatures that you might consider pests are actually good for your garden! For example, certain insects like ladybugs and damsel bugs actually feast on harmful garden pests.

2. Ensure That Soil Is Healthy

Healthy soil is encouraged by frequently adding compost and nutrient-rich materials to your growing area. This is essential, as healthy soil makes for healthier and more durable plants, capable of fighting off pests and diseases.

3. Plant Herbs to Repel Insects 

Did you know that some plants and herbs actually naturally repel unwanted visitors? Planting things like basil, lavender, and lemongrass not only make your garden smell heavenly but keep insects away from more vulnerable plants.

4. Plant in Pots

Planting in containers is an excellent and easy way to keep pests from attacking. This is because certain pests and problems are only present in ground soil, so keeping crops at least 18 inches off the ground ensures their safety.

This tip is especially handy for fruits and vegetables. Plus, it makes harvesting your homegrown bounty so much easier.

5. Don’t Overcrowd

When planting, ensure that there is adequate space between your plants. Overcrowding your beds creates a warm, moist, and sheltered environment, which is a haven for most common garden pests. Overcrowded conditions mean that infestations are harder to spot and pests can breed freely among your crops.

It is worth noting that overcrowding is one of the most common mistakes new gardeners make. With the right assistance, however, this mistake is easy to spot and fix. For example, if you think your fruit trees are too close to each other, calling Sacramento certified tree experts for garden maintenance can help you eliminate overcrowding.

6. Call in the Professionals 

When it comes to pest control, prevention is always better than cure. But if you’ve left it a bit late and pests are unmanageable, it’s time to call in the professionals. Pest management can be extremely tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Professional services like Fast Action Pest Control offer free assessments so that you’ll know exactly where your pest problems arise and how to deal with them.

Professional pest control services have years of experience and know-how as to the most effective ways of tackling pest problems. They’re definitely worth it in the long run as they make pest removal less of a headache for you and offer long term solutions to your pest problems.

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden: The Bottom Line

These handy tips provide some natural and environmentally friendly information on how to keep pests out of your garden. But it’s important to know when an infestation is out of your hands and best left to a professional.

For more great gardening tips take a look at our home and gardening section.

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