Nothing can beat the ease and accessibility of sliding glass doors. With floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, you can easily merge your kitchen, family room, or basement with an outdoor patio, deck, or porch to create an expansive space. It also lends a modern appeal to your home.

One thing that’s very essential for a standard sliding glass door is its elevated U-channel that facilitates easy access. Using rounded or beveled threshold on a sliding door, manufacturers ensure to minimize the risk of trips or falls.

If you are wondering how to pick the right threshold ramp for your sliding glass door, here are some insightful tips to help you know the right measures to find the right threshold ramp for sliding glass doors.

  • Measure floor-to-threshold height of the door frame

Before choosing the right door threshold ramp, take measurement of the inner side of the door and the top section of the sliding door. After that, take measurement of the top portion of the door on the outer side and the distance between deck, porch, or patio on its exterior.

With these two dimensions, it is easy for you to figure out which type of threshold ramp you need for your sliding door. Finally, the third measurement needs to be done of the sliding door opening that helps you to determine how wide your threshold ramp should be.

  • Measure the rise of sliding door threshold

Now, you need to measure the rise in inches. Take measurement from the top section of the door threshold to the walking surface where the ramp is required.

You need to measure this height on every end to ensure perfect fitting of the threshold. The rise on either side of entryway that determines the exact variation in corners’ height is another important measurement to consider. If one side is higher than the other, try to look for a ramp style that can easily accommodate the difference in rise.

  • See how far you want to extend the ramp from your door

If you have higher rise, you need longer threshold ramp for your door. This means – for an inch or lesser of the rise, you need a ramp that extends up to a foot on the walking area. But if the rise if 4-inches or higher, you can consider up to two-feet of extension for the ramp.

To know how long threshold ramp you need for your sliding door, you need to understand the space you have from your walking surface to the end of threshold.

  • How to choose the right ramp after getting all the measurements?

It depends on your preferences – whether you need a temporary or permanent ramp. Also, consider whether it snows in your region. If yes, then how often do you use this door in winters? Budget is another factor to consider.

Usually, rubber ramps are the most commonly used threshold ramps for sliding glass doors. These ramps are made from recycled material and are quite durable. These are often available in vertical rises of 1/2-inch from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches.

Before you pick up a particular threshold ramp for your glass door, just take five minutes to take correct measurements of all the areas in and around your sliding door. This will help you determine the right type of threshold ramp for your door.

Don’t forget your power scooter or wheelchair. If you have a wheelchair-bound person in your house, the right threshold ramp will facilitate easy mobility on the rises around your house. Since door threshold ramps are available in various materials, sizes, and styles, choose one that enables easy navigation over steps or uneven doorways and can endure weight.

These variables play a significant role in selecting the right threshold ramp for your sliding door. If you are unsure about making the right choice, it is always recommended to commission a door threshold professional for deciding a door threshold rampthatis ideal for your home. The professional will help you suggest a home accessibility solution that’spractical, safe, durable, and cost-effective.

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